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  1. Endlesschain


    yup I like how it came out,all I am going to do in the future is mount a discbrake wheel and caliper and use a long lever on the frame as a brake lever,it will look like a tall shifter,I was going to set it all up but no point untill I do the front wheel,the only other thing I will do is make a...
  2. Endlesschain


    Thank you,if it's cheap or free I will most likely get it for future use,I have done paintings on skateboard decks and also done a couple of clocks built into them, my boy loves it but he is a shy lad so he may not take it out much
  3. Endlesschain


    Thank you, I've been wanting to cut up frames for a long time but never got round to it, I have found a guy at a hotrod shop that welds at a good price and I have everything ready for him to weld straight away so he doesn't need to do any prep work so is a good partnership, I see a lot of chop...
  4. Endlesschain

    Father Farnum

    o.k so thats the first time I have ever seen a bike that old with a 1 1/4 headset,I just looked up and seen that brother Gary might of started it(or at least used that size) and it didn't last long and took awhile to pick up again
  5. Endlesschain


    Well Ladies and Gentleman it's been a long time since I looked in on everyone,so my son and I decided to take his "big Mo" branded chopper and do a chop and stretch job for a hotrod show that was ment to be on last week but was canceled some time ago but we said we would still build it and post...
  6. Endlesschain

    Yet ANOTHER tangent.... custom 1910 style English "sloping top tube" Path Racer project.

    amazing,such traditional way of thinking and building,a scholar and a gentleman
  7. Endlesschain

    Made in the Shade

    yup my style indeed,I have seen these before,I have a spare bent lowrider fork laying around,I feel like slapping one up for a laugh,hummmm.....
  8. Endlesschain

    Rat Rod Bikes Build Off #14?

    yup I will give it a miss this time around too but probably will be in for next time as i may have gathered more bits and pieces by then,Glen I truly believe Glenderson would have won if it was judged by the hotrod guys but with the ladies judging sparkling like a diamond wins:bigsmile:
  9. Endlesschain

    Team Murray X24

    That murray has a "old bikes never die" look to it I would pull apart replace all the bearings,pack some grease,find some warn pre loved tyres,chain and seat and just use it for a bit of fun
  10. Endlesschain

    GLENDERSON - [winter build off]

    the grip shifters are here in my shed waiting for you when you need them,I should have 6 and 7 speed shimano revo shifts
  11. Endlesschain

    Class 2 - Silver Angel

    those wheels came out primo Glen
  12. Endlesschain

    Low level

    yes indeed,depending on type of fork,frame and how tight you wind in the bolt to compress the spring its all trial and error,you can widen the forks by welding some tube onto the ends of the steerer T section and using a longer bolt,using a longer axle with spacers for the front wheel and very...
  13. Endlesschain

    Low level

    thank you,lowering crowns come in handy to lower the ride height on standard springers without having to go with the bent lowrider style and suits cruisers better to give a better stance
  14. Endlesschain

    Low level

    maybe in spirit at least,well my teen years growing up in England I embraced the Hip Hop culture 100% and got into graffiti art,and with watching Yo MTV Raps and seeing lowrider cars and bikes in the music videos with snoop dog,coolio and cypress hill I was hooked on the lowrider scene,spent my...
  15. Endlesschain

    Low level

    thank you,it seems to be the direction I am headed into build wise,the lack of springer fork/cost of buying even secondhand and the cost of buying overseas and shipping to NZ makes it very hard to do builds like this,I always have looked at lots of things and thought "that needs to be slammed"I...
  16. Endlesschain

    Low level

    thanx,I wasn't sure what direction I was going to go with this build,the frame was bought as a complete bike on clearance for $100 many years ago and I used the wheels for my In the weeds build,and I basically stripped it after that and hung the frame on the wall for many years,scored the ape...
  17. Endlesschain

    Mods on a Beast ?

    if you have or can get a cheap front wheel then the easier option would be to buy a longer or rear axle that is long enough for the wider fork and swap the standard axle with the longer one,you would have to find some sort of metal spacers to fill the gap between axle cone nut and the fork...
  18. Endlesschain

    Virtual buildoff

    well I do have plans to build something similar but not so long in the back and maybe not so over engineered in the front,we will see,I will need to secure a cruiser frame first so may be a future build,Glen has been enlisted to help along the way if it takes off
  19. Endlesschain

    Virtual buildoff

    will tidy it up and go over with ink for final rendering,Im not into computer cad or anything like that so pen and paper it will have to be
  20. Endlesschain

    Virtual buildoff

    just finished my sketch and will post tonite