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  1. Wildcat

    Cantilever brake question

    I'm redoing this 87 Nishiki with cantilever brakes. The end of the springs hung out like they didn't belong there, but it's been ridden that way for years. The ends are a loop that doesn't hook to anything. Are these the wrong springs or am I doing it wrong? The brand name on the brakes is CS.
  2. Wildcat

    Late 80's Nishiki rebuild

    My brother in law asked if I could redo his old Nishiki. He thinks he got it new in 1987 or 88 and it is a Regal. I need something to do anyway so I'm rehabbing it totally, then painting it yellow gold as he wanted. It's been repainted once. I looked it up and the Regal is a road bike and I...
  3. Wildcat

    Need ID

    I thought I knew all the 60's bikes. Anyone know what this is? It has one rivet in the middle of the head tube where the badge should have been.
  4. Wildcat

    National Bicycle Day If they have an organized ride here in my town, I'll be sure to be there. Hopefully on something rat themed.
  5. Wildcat

    Ratty Patty

    I'm in! This just what I was looking for to use my 26 x 3 inch tires. I laid some stuff out a week or two ago to see if it looked feasible. With big whitewalls and a bare metal patina frame (at least the front part) I think this will make a great stretch ratty fat bike. Ratty Patty. My pile of...
  6. Wildcat

    KeyTownCruisers (KTC) videos

    Here's a whole bunch of great bikes!
  7. Wildcat

    Explanation needed

    The engineer of this bike path needs to engineer up a sign to let us know how this works. :39:
  8. Wildcat


    I haven't used so many contractions since I was in the Air Force years ago. This is a frame discarded when a bike shop folded about 5 or 6 years ago. All the unsold new frames and other stuff went to the scrap heap. Over here in the Philippines, that's a big warehouse area with tons and tons of...
  9. Wildcat

    More NOS frames from the dump.

    I suspected the chrome frame I picked from the dump last month was never sold and I got confirmation today. As I picked up my wheel from the bike shop, I told them I finally found a big frame, and it was at the dump but never used. The shop owner said it must have been from his brother in law's...
  10. Wildcat

    Chrome Molly

    I picked this up from a dump here in the Philippines. From a dump in a third world country, a NOS chromoly MTB frame. I repaired the dents in the head tube and checked it closely. It had never been a whole bike, it was an unused frame! I wore out a brass brush cleaning it up. It cleaned up...
  11. Wildcat

    Beauty and the Beast

    I picked up two frames from a junkpile yesterday. I had to get a special pass to visit the city so I wasn't going to leave empty handed. There were more frames there but these two looked the best. Ten bucks and I had them in the trunk. The chrome one is large, a 21 inch frame, just my size. It...
  12. Wildcat

    spoke sizes

    Travel between towns has been severley restricted, so I have tons of free time. I will learn how to lace a wheel. The vids on youtube look easy enough. My wheels will be 36 hole 3 cross pattern with no dishing. I unlaced a set of 24" wheels off my old bike and will use those for learning. So I...
  13. Wildcat

    Ventura City bike

    I have my Ventura back again after 3 years. I gave it to my brother in law before I moved away to Hawaii. After sitting for three years, it has been returned to me again. I was expecting a 1959 DNB Folder but it must have looked better than this one, so this is it, a 24 inch ten speed...
  14. Wildcat

    Handlebar ID

    I have handlebars that were on a 42 Hawthorne, but I'm almost positive they weren't original. I couldn't find any markings. The ads from back then show larger half moon bars on those Victory bikes. I think they might be from a women's bike because of the width, 22 inches, but I'm not sure...
  15. Wildcat

    Deal on Surly 26 x 2.75 tires

    I ran across this ad and thought about Klunkers. These might be good candidates.
  16. Wildcat

    Happy Fourth of July!

    Our 244th bday! It's a good day to celebrate! This pic is from my 4th of July ride in 2010 I think. These guys always decked out their beach house for the holidays. Atlantic Beach, Florida.
  17. Wildcat

    BO15 4-4-2

    I'm in but have no frame yet. I have no idea of what kind of frame, just that it will be an old cruiser style of some kind. I'm moving back to the Philippines and will get a frame as I get settled in. I'm going to visit a shop in Manila that has more old bikes than I ever expected to find...
  18. Wildcat

    Modding a cheap springer

    I have another cheap springer and want to fit a 3 inch tire, sometime in the near future, this year I hope. Looking at the fork, I wonder if it can be widened by adding bushings (1/2 to 1 inch on either side) to both sides of the crown where the arms attach, using a longer bolt. Then attach the...
  19. Wildcat

    26" BMX Too good to be true?

    I did a search for a 26" BMX frame and found this ad: Less than 100 bucks shipped? It's a reputable company I believe. I don't have room for a bike but if I did I would look into this...
  20. Wildcat

    This might work!

    I want a wide rim but don't want to spend big bucks for an 80mm rim. Here's my idea: 1. Get two regular 26" hoops (rims) and put them together (bolt or rivet), so the spoke holes (twice the number as your hub) line up evenly and the valve stem holes are 180 out. Since they are 1.5" each, that...