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  1. Troyminator

    C.C.M. (Configuration & Change Management)- FINISHED!!

    This was a fun build off for me and turns out, I really did appreciate having the extra month to pull things together. Best of luck to everyone on their own great builds this time around. You all deserve a pat on the back for a job well done! Here’s my build thread to see how all this came...
  2. Troyminator

    C.C.M. (Configuration & Change Management)

    Here's my starting point... As it's name implies, my initial plan is to not add or subtract any of the parts, simply "manage" the "configuration" to "change" it's appearance. Over time, we shall see how that goes. :)
  3. Troyminator

    “Amore a Prima Vista” Finito

    I really enjoyed this build off. The opportunity to restore a classic Italian racing bicycle to add to my stable of road bicycles *(N+1)*, even though I did not modify drastically from it’s original form. View the build here...
  4. Troyminator


    Do we need to include "Vintage" or "Scratch Built" in our thread title to differentiate which class we're in? It doesn't note that point in the Official WBO rules.
  5. Troyminator

    “Amore a Prima Vista”

    I get to bring out my “Roadie” roots for this WBO. Picked up this vintage Benotto road frame and fork from the ‘Bay this summer. Came straight from it’s hometown of Torino, Italy, manufactured sometime between the ‘30’s and the ‘50’s. It’s really hard to date these Italian classics so I have to...
  6. Troyminator


    Amazing what one can do with basically a pawn shop throw-away... The Build Thread:
  7. Troyminator


    Wasn't going to participate in this round because "I have absolutely no inspiration to build a Muscle Bike. I'm a road cyclist at heart and a hobby Mountain Biker. Muscle bikes are what I rode around when I was 7 years old. At my age, I'm more refined in my bicycle tastes." Had myself convinced...
  8. Troyminator

    The Grocery Getter

    Well, I didn't have a definite plan recorded on paper but in the back of my mind, I envisioned a bicycle frame and a shopping cart should be able to be morphed into something at least rideable and provide some capability to transport cargo (of some sort). So here is my rendition of a "not the...
  9. Troyminator

    The Grocery Getter

    There's something here. Exactly what, I'm not quite sure just yet. *Engages creative thinking powers* Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Troyminator

    Low Viscosity

    LOW VISCOSITY The build link: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Troyminator

    The LemonPepperPorkChop... Completed

    What started out as a late '70's-early '80's ladies Mixte frame, magically transformed somehow into this... The build link...
  12. Troyminator

    Has anyone used a spray-on truck bedliner product as a finish?

    I'm seriously contemplating using a spray-on truck bedliner product as a portion of the paint finish for my current WBO bike but wondering what pitfalls I may encounter. I am going to experiment with it on the inside of the fender to start.
  13. Troyminator


    I think I'm going to enter my other build I began last summer as well. It started it's life from the rear as two mismatched front forks. I don't have as many photos of the early build process though. Still trying to get it finished up. I'm going for the Castrol Motor Oil can colour paint scheme...
  14. Troyminator

    Photo Upload Error

    Can't seem to upload photos to my thread. What may I be doing wrong? Any suggestions?
  15. Troyminator

    The LemonPepperPorkChop

    This should be a fun, fun, fun project!! Interested in seeing some far out designs for sure! My next stop is the computer to draw mine up from the sketch.