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  1. sandman

    Sleeping Giant

  2. sandman

    Sleeping Giant

    Wire loom ...
  3. sandman

    Schwinn bikes ( post pics here )

    Duh !
  4. sandman

    Do you think square chain rings are going to be a thing?

    Sounds like a Canadian word ?
  5. sandman

    Drum Brakes?

    I have been looking @ this 50s Town and Country and contemplating making a offer just for the wheel . I have a Schwinn Cruiser Supreme that I put a set of SA drum brakes from another tandem and love them .
  6. sandman


    While @ the junk yard this Mongoose just came in . So what do you think followed me home for $ 20 .
  7. sandman


    Had to modify the head badge , painted the Redline handlebars to match the wheels . Going back to get cables to complete the Odyssey brake and pick up some grips and misc. smalls
  8. sandman

    Back in the saddle again!

    Welcome back to the Fun House from the other side of the state .
  9. sandman


    Mounted a Nexus 3 on the rear , Landing Gear fork that still has to be cut and 24" x 1.75 Maxxis Holly Roller's . We still have 3 days to meet our deadline and still have a lot to do ?
  10. sandman


    Digging thru my stash I found the right head badge , no idea where it came from ?
  11. sandman

    Kingfish254's Finds - Dec30 Speed Demon

    What is the tank off from ?
  12. sandman


    Origin 8 .
  13. sandman


    OA bath done & went to the bike junk yard and picked up a few goodies :cool:
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    Father/son project. Building a 1948/49? Monark klunker for girlfriends son. This will be two week build while son is visiting from Pennsylvania. Today OA Bath. Let the journey begin.
  15. sandman

    MONARK 24"

    Picked up this 24" Monark for another small Klunker bike . I've have a few 24" parts I need to do something with and a small rat Klunker should be fun .
  16. sandman

    Wanted 26” BMX style forks

    @RustyGold I've seen a few Jamis Boss bikes that you have picked up . Some of those come with BMX forks made by Akisu .
  17. sandman

    MBBO/BMXBO 2020-2021 RULES - READ FIRST!!!

    Can we petition for a extension @Captain Awesome ?
  18. sandman

    Schwinn Tandem

    I could pick this Tandem cheap . I would part it out if the rims or other parts are worth saving . Opinions ? What year would guess it is ? This is the only pic.
  19. sandman

    Classic 3 Speeds

    One of Chucks Schwinn HDs with a SA three speed and 3" Surly's .