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  1. RockNRolla

    Rookie Sub-Comp?

    Oh cool! Wish I seen this a long time ago. Count this rookie in. [/URL]
  2. RockNRolla


    Just wanna say bandido got a vote! so thank you to the mystery voter who made my 3 month project all worth while :D . On another note congrads to Bar fly, tuco benedicto and margo. Out of all the gems in this bunch your bikes stole my votes.
  3. RockNRolla

    el Bandido

    Thank you :). I was hoping someone would appreciate that!
  4. RockNRolla


    Wow fantastic build! It has such a vintage feel to it. Very awesome!
  5. RockNRolla

    lowdown valley Rat

    Absolutely love this bike! This is something that I would ride everyday. Well done and very good taste. :D
  6. RockNRolla

    el Bandido

    Thanks guys.... Haha it has been getting some second looks lol
  7. RockNRolla

    el Bandido

  8. RockNRolla

    el Bandido

    well here it is my first rat rod build off bike, thanks to all who have watched or just left a comment this has been a blast. it has been fun watching everyones builds! without anymore wait here is "el Bandido"
  9. RockNRolla

    el Bandido

    photoshoot time
  10. RockNRolla


    I really like it! Good job
  11. RockNRolla

    The Board Ratter Finished

    Awesome bike! Love the backdrop too flows very well with the bike, makes a killer pic! Good job
  12. RockNRolla

    el Bandido

  13. RockNRolla

    Bar Fly

    Absolutely love this bike, A+ on this one great job.
  14. RockNRolla


    That bike is awesome man good job!!!
  15. RockNRolla


    Awesome build! That bike just looks fast. Great job
  16. RockNRolla

    THΣ NATI∇Σ AMΣRICAN...A Zero Dollar build!

    Re: THΣ NATI∇Σ AMΣRICAN Great job, fantastic ride. Love the coca cola rack it gos good with the bike.
  17. RockNRolla

    el Bandido

    Redone painted 24". Gold and root beer wheels........... Painted fenders
  18. RockNRolla


    Woooow! That's a jaw dropper for shore, fantastic job!!!
  19. RockNRolla

    el Bandido

    I realize this isn't a good time to switch things up but with the change of color I gotta change the color of the wheels, and also putting a 24" wheel in the back insteAd of the 26 Means new fenders too. :shock: but in the long run it will be worth it.
  20. RockNRolla

    Back Alley Chop Shop

    If interested there is a new song on the list called "Phantom Cadillac" :)