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  1. Reallybigtim


    You don't know how close I came to using 4.5" cranks instead of 5.5" cranks. Just because of the proportioning effect that you are referring to..............
  2. Reallybigtim


    The seat and bars leaned forward that way makes that a perfect wheelie bike!
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    Laws are nothing but how someone else thinks you should behave. Usually to serve their own interests.
  4. Reallybigtim

    Trippin' Gypsy

    Ok. I will go back to doing this stuff:
  5. Reallybigtim

    ‘65 Stingray Nominal Basic

    Copper works so well with black accents. And those truss rods are a nice touch!
  6. Reallybigtim

    dumpster shot finished

    It's got that purple kind of attitude!
  7. Reallybigtim

    Mean Streak

    She got a mean streak!
  8. Reallybigtim

    A Penny Saved: Coppertone '67 Fastback

    Revived but not restored. Perfect! I want that seat, too!
  9. Reallybigtim

    RaTsberry Buffet

    Definitely brought that one back from the dead. Nice save!
  10. Reallybigtim

    Bracket buster (DAX STAR)

    Flows nicely front-to-back!
  11. Reallybigtim

    Kristmas Krate

    That bike is so bright, I have to wear shades!
  12. Reallybigtim


    I had a lot of fun with this build. Mostly because it kept telling me what it wanted to be! Started with a '56 Columbia 20" frame and tank. Experimented with a bent springer with the spring removed to get the bike to set level. I utilized some proportioning tricks and optical illusions to...
  13. Reallybigtim

    Kreamsicle Krate

    A bike that I had always wanted to build. Started with a late-90's reproduction frame. The painted rims are from a 50's Schwinn. Front tire is a pie-crust sidewall balloon tire from the 50's. Rear tire is an NOS Slick from the 70's. Bars are from an early StingRay (very wide). Seat is an...
  14. Reallybigtim

    Trippin' Gypsy

    Found an old Huffy girls bike locally with funky custom paint. I don't usually like repainted bikes, but this repaint was nicely done and very "trippy". Then, when I found out it was a Huffy "Gypsy", the "Trippin' Gypsy" name was obvious. Turned it into this custom using a modified bent...
  15. Reallybigtim


    Thank you for the kind words. It took a lot of effort to get this bike to its end point. The small headlight, small pedals, tiny chainring and chainguard were all intentional to make the bike look proportionally larger and longer. While the tall, wide ape hanger bars and long coke bottle...
  16. Reallybigtim


    A few more finishing touches to bring it all together. Headlight is a nickel plated 30's automobile cowl light with the original etched glass lens. The chainring and chainguard are Schwinn. The chainguard resembles the full circle design that Columbia used on their 50's bicycles. I am...
  17. Reallybigtim

    Mean Streak

    Named after the Deep Purple song?
  18. Reallybigtim


    Thanks, Lee. It's all those little tricks that can provide endless possibilities for custom building. I have modified 24" frames in this manner to squeeze 26 inchers in there. But I think I can make this one work without modification. I had actually considered making this into a 26" project...