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    Gallery of Bare Metal Bikes

    Not the best pic, but it's my stripped down Electra Sparker. Bare metal with black 24"apes and one of those sweet Fattio's on the back. Favorite bike I've owned so far!
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    "For Ape Hangers Only" Club

    Trike to cart around my kiddos and 2-4's... :D My bare metal Electra Sparker
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    Electra Bicycle Pics

    Love Electra's! My wife rolls on an old Cream/Tan Twiggy, used to have a Fink (RIP) but currently ride a bare-metal Sparker with Apes and a redone Coaster (pics below) and I've got one more Deluxe frame just waiting to be built back up.
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    Seat / Saddle Gallery - Post Pics Here

    A little Argyle action from a RRBO bike a couple summers ago. Just need to figure out how to vinyl cover my seats... fortunately, it rains once a decade in Tempe, AZ!
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    Welder: Should I get it?

    Thanks guys! I think I'm going to do it... Miller seems like the best thing out there, so I'll try to get my hands on one of those. Here's to truly building my own creation!! Cheers, Joey
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    Welder: Should I get it?

    So I took a class, learned to weld and now I need a welder! Yes, I've searched around here like crazy, but I can't figure out what machine to get that's powerful enough to hold a bike together without breaking the bike or the bank. Here's the deal: 1. I want to build bikes (ground up) that...
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    forgotten but not lost

    That is sooooooo sweet... I think its perfect for a calendar shot! Patina, barn and middle of nowhere: can it get more classic than this? Well done!
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    Barefoot Delivery

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    Dude... Three words: That. Is. Awesome. OK, five words: ...and huge!
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    Electra head tube measurement

    Yeah, I found that measurement out and I also found that the head tube on Electra's are all one inch so I need to figure out if there's a way to fit it all together! Thanks for the help...
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    Electra head tube measurement

    Hey guys, need some help here. I'm currently drooling over the Abraham Linkage fork (yes, over priced and waaaaay out of line considering it was $90 at one point, but I've got some play money!) and I want to know if it'll fit my Electra Sparker. It's an older model Sparker (first year it was...
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    This is worse than Facebook: I keep hitting refresh to check my vote count! Make it stop!! :wink:
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    I like this... :D I'm thinking of just going through this year's and attaching some of these to certain bikes. How about a "Could you REALLY ride that?" award...
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    I say we keep the voting. Some of us love the friendly competition and as long as we can keep it real and laid back, it pushes us to build better and cooler bikes. If the voting disappeared, I think some would miss that "push" you get when you're in competition and trying to out-do or out-create...
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    +1 :D already planning! But for real, I was so stoked at the beginning of the summer to kick this off and then to follow the builds and witness the sheer talent out there is awesome! I love this forum and all that it offers to us crazy bike people who don't fit in the typical bike categories...
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    Barefoot Delivery

    Oh, dude! That's it, I'm headin' to Four Peaks for some happy hour! Thanks for the compliment.
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    -★- Ground Zero -★-

    Two things I love on this bike: That line from the forks through bars is just slick looking and the seat "bag"... so cool!
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    Sweet ride! You've got enough copper on there to sell and fund a pretty sick party :lol: ! Love the use of "rat" on this bike... very, very creative!
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    BELLOWING YELLOW ~~Full Fender Experiment

    Re: BELLOWING YELLOW ~~Full Fender Experiment~~ I've been secretly following your thread to steal full fender ideas... it looks so bad a--! I like it and the color combo is sweet. Well done!