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  1. marcus84

    What is happening to TV?

    Thats not snob, it's smart :-) I'm not the "everything was better..." guy, but when it comes to entertainment, TV or Music, I think it's true. Here in Germany, I grew up with MTV in the 90s. They played Nirvana, NOFX or Beastie Boys. They were in the Charts(!). Of course, there was some stupid...
  2. marcus84

    Music for wrenching

    Various things. At the moment I dig acoustic, folksy stuff. Old country, something like that. One of my favs currently is Digger Barnes. He's a Hamburg (Germany) based singer/songwriter, performer and bassplayer. He played on the Revival Tour with Chuck Ragan,Frank Turner,Austin Lucas and makes...
  3. marcus84

    Rat Rod Buses

    When I see pictures like this, I don't know if I should cry or be weirdly fascinated by the decay :-)
  4. marcus84

    Rat Rod Buses

    Some bus pics I found (Sorry, couldn't decide :-) )
  5. marcus84


    Richard Dean Anderson at the McGyver set, about 1985:
  6. marcus84

    OK guys...Lets see some cool bike art

    Just found that great Steampunk-Batman while randomly surfin the web.
  7. marcus84

    Wilhelmshaven, Germany (North sea coast)

    Endlich mal jemand aus der "Nachbarschaft" :-) WHV ist ne tolle Stadt. Herzlichen Willkommen bei RRB! Grüße aus der Hauptstadt an die Küste. Finally someone from the "neighborhood" :-) WHV is a great city. Welcome to RRB! Greetings from the capital to the coast.
  8. marcus84

    Another “Frankenbike” or Schwinn El Camino

    Wow, waht a clean and precise work. Looks like just bought :-)
  9. marcus84

    hidden in the garage

    From an average girly bike to a very good lookin rat. Really likin this.
  10. marcus84

    Scooter Given A New Life

    Awesome work. Really diggin the Jack theme.
  11. marcus84

    Grandson is here!

    All the best to you and your loved-ones. If they see you as the grandpa, you are the grandpa.period. Herzlichen Glückwunsch nach Bettendorf. :wink:
  12. marcus84


    Re: RatRod Riders SoCal B/C great pics.looks all so relaxed and fun. cruising through cali, reality for you, only a dream for me. :cry:
  13. marcus84

    Question for ya

    Great that you posted this. Totally forgot about this page :-) In Germany it's more about customs than about rats, but defenitly worth a look.
  14. marcus84

    Almost Evil.....No Longer Evil

    Re: Almost Evil amazing work! Looks great how there's almost "no connection" between the rear wheel and the frame.
  15. marcus84

    Question for ya

    As i mentioned, you can order the 3 issues on for about 10 dollars. Here is a little impression from the 1st mag for you (I don't own anything and it's not about profit) :-): Front-Cover: "Eisbein-Cruise" in Hannover (February 2004): Title-Story "Germanys...
  16. marcus84

    Question for ya

    *something went wrong here.sorry.*
  17. marcus84

    Question for ya

    Seems that's the bad side of the digital times. I'm very afraid the day will come where magazines,papers or books will be dead. what a shame. If you're interested, I could scan and upload some pages so that you get an impression of he Crank! but I'm not sure, if this is legal :-)
  18. marcus84

    Question for ya

    Exactly. Unfortunatly only 3 issues were published. Was an interesting mag about the german scene, and bilingual (german and english). You can order it here, on, they ship to the US, too: ... r=1&lang=1 btw: The mag was made here in...
  19. marcus84

    Those crazy germans...

    Because of the latest incidents (sportswise :-) )
  20. marcus84

    The Rustman - NEW photos!

    Re: The Rustman - photos in the sun Amazing bike, the contrast with the shiny chrome parts looks great. Very well done.