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  1. ZZ3Malibu

    Pullman Motorbike

    Picked this up a few days ago, Had 27 inch lightweight rims on it and crank. removed those and cleaned it off a bit. Any ideas on the year or value as is.
  2. ZZ3Malibu

    Someone in Ohio Needs to jump on this. Dyno Ultra Glide 75.00
  3. ZZ3Malibu

    20 inch parts F/S

    2- 20 inch bent springer forks, 15.00 each plus shipping from 48135 Springers are SOLD
  4. ZZ3Malibu

    Fat Motor Rat

    Saw this on CL in Detroit this morning.
  5. ZZ3Malibu

    5 Cylinder motor bike
  6. ZZ3Malibu

    1983 Raleigh R2500 now with pics

    Can anyone tell what one of these is worth I have a chance to pick one up. All chrome with Raleigh type badge, Everything looks to be there even has Raleigh brand tires on it. All pads are there also?
  7. ZZ3Malibu

    Photobucket upload problems

    I tried for 2 days to upload photos to Photobucket with no success. From what i`ve found is either you need to update to the new version of Photobucket or as i did use the bulk upload option in the old version.
  8. ZZ3Malibu

    From the 2011 Woodward Dream Cruise

  9. ZZ3Malibu

    Late 30`s Hawthorne

    Picked this up today off CL Tires where shot so i put a set of WW`s on it, gave it a quick bath with some WD-40
  10. ZZ3Malibu

    Miyata 714

    Need a little help guys. I was asked by a lady that works in the office where i work to help her try and sell this bike. This was her husbands fathers bike who passed on a few years ago. Now her husband has been diagnosed with cancer and she needs to sell this bike. I have no idea what its worth...
  11. ZZ3Malibu

    Somethin i picked up awhile back

    Got this frame the end of last year, been sitting since, time to get started. Not sure what it is looks like a CWC but what was it? Serial number looks to read A60203 54C with a small w inside
  12. ZZ3Malibu

    CL find but what is it?????

    SERIAL NUMBER M400 1990179 Seller said it was a huffy but i dont think so
  13. ZZ3Malibu

    Had to post (funny) ... re=related
  14. ZZ3Malibu

    Todays finds

    This was on CL so i emailed the guy made him a offer. He emailed me back and said he had alot of interest in the bike and was going to hold off a couple weeks to see what he could get. I didnt think anymore about it and bought the American a week or so later. This week i got another email from...
  15. ZZ3Malibu

    3D BMX

    I`ve been missing with 3DS Max for awhile, found this BMX model today. Changed some of the materials to make it look a bit Ratty.
  16. ZZ3Malibu

    1963 Deluxe American

    Picked this up off CL today, had to pay a bit more than I`d like too but i`m a sucker for black bikes.
  17. ZZ3Malibu

    Huffy Camaro

    Got this last year sometime took it apart taped off the decals painted it then it sat. finished it up today. Before After
  18. ZZ3Malibu

    Trash pick up

    Might be nothin but i liked the stem and seat so i picked it up, The wheels have thick spokes. Mikado Hawk MX ?