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  1. roddy*piper

    Any Members BMX Distance Jump ? How Far... What Bike ?

    My record jump was over 37 feet on a modified Yamaha Moto-Bike. With all Kawasaki BX200 parts. Front Forks, Rear Shocks, and Seat. On a 3 story Mall exit ramp. On a 12 foot wood ladder with Plywood. Broke my pedal crank and messed up my foot pretty bad on the pavement...
  2. roddy*piper

    My Drive In Movie Car Dioramas & DVD Collection

    These "Diorama's" are My Version of Interior Decorating My Living Room. They are not to scale, just displays for my personal pleasure. I also have what I consider to be a complete collection of vintage Car Movies on DVD's I also have some old Black & Whites on VHS like "Thunder Road" with...
  3. roddy*piper

    My 47 Topper Johnny Lightning Collection 1969~1971

    Complete Collection Of All 47 Topper Johnny Lightnings 1969 1970 1971
  4. roddy*piper

    TOXIC Yamaha MTX Moto-Bike RatRod J60

    After the Japanese "copied" the blueprints of our beloved Kawasaki BX200. I decided not to be outdone, and fabricated an American version using a "real" Kawasaki. "It has always been the American way to take a Good idea and make it Better". They "took" it, and I took it back & then some...
  5. roddy*piper


    Could this be the first Fat Tire Muscle Bike ??? Anyways... "Here It Is" I combined my `69 'Eliminator' with a vintage `70's Columbia 'Pink Lady'. I know LoL ! At least I recovered the seat with Orion Silver Glitter Vinyl. Then, I installed a Triple Tree Fork cut down to 24" and added a...
  6. roddy*piper

    26" Schwinn Stingray Clone

    I built this bike using a 26" aluminum OP Cruiser frame. Then, I dismantled it and scrapped it for parts. The first time I dumped it in the driveway and got my foot twisted & stuck in between the rear tire, the seat post tube and, the ground. With the bike on top of me for 3 hours until my...
  7. roddy*piper


    I am a very accomplished Toy Collector specializing in Topper Johnny Lightnings'. The story of JLs' has been told over and over, time and time again... And, is readily available via the Internet. So this time, "I decided to let the Cars speak for themselves" "It would be my pleasure to answer...
  8. roddy*piper

    *Jesse James Bat-Cycle*

    "I Think I've Been Reading Too Many Comic Books"
  9. roddy*piper

    Repro Kawasaki BX200 Decal ?

    "Has anyone reproduced the Kawasaki BX200 Decal ?" I wish to polish my frame but, not without a new decal..
  10. roddy*piper

    "Just Bought The 1975 Kawasaki On Ebay!"
  11. roddy*piper

    How To Build An Adult Friendly OC Stingray Chopper *New Pic*

    I am 6 foot 300 pounds, and wanted a cool cruiser bike to ride up and down the winding country road that I live on. It also has a few small hills. When i ride a regular cruiser bike, "It feels like I'm pedaling behind me". Very uncomfortable, as I grew up on banana seat bkes. A 1969 Buzz Bike...
  12. roddy*piper

    Jesse James West Coast Choppers Show Me Yours..

    "I Think I've Been Reading Too Many Comic Books Lately"
  13. roddy*piper


    Here Is My Customized 1976 Yamaha Moto-Bike J60 Model C. It has the look & feel of a "Rat-Rod". The front shocks, sissy bar & rear fender are the only original parts left. The bike was all original and in excellent condition when the build began. The Araya wheels, seat, handlebars & shocks...
  14. roddy*piper

    "New Rat in Town"

    I am currently in the process of Rat Rodding a 1976 Yamaha Moto-Bike. And, was looking for some ideas when I saw your Site. So, I thought I'd share my sacrilege. For, most people don't do this kinda thing. To this type of Bike.. And, "It was all Original". Now, I'm kinda afraid to tell you...