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  1. BentRims

    26" Basset Ronnin 2017

    Trick'd-Out! All that GOLD is fit for a KING :showingbiceps:
  2. BentRims

    Schwinn Heavy-Duti -- $75 (Dundalk, MD)

    Was a Super deal! LOL Listing already been deleted.
  3. BentRims

    Seeking a Humuhumu-nukunuku-apua'a Frame & Fork or Complete Bike

    Good Luck! All Kona Cruiser's are very tuff to score in the last 4-5 years even the 2015'ish models. Many are $300-500 chewed-up and spatt-out. :crazy2:
  4. BentRims

    1953 Firestone Super Cruiser

    Way Old School and Rad!
  5. BentRims


    That's a 1995(Pre-97 Headbagde) maybe a 1994? Kona sometimes caries over framesets if they didn't sell-out the year before. Also Paint jobs were all over the place depending on region and leftover Framesets. Frame/Fork is the only OEM parts left of that Humu, don't loose that rear hub for...
  6. BentRims

    Vintage Schwinn straight bar on Craigs

    "You gotta know when too much is enough." Nope
  7. BentRims

    Vintage Schwinn straight bar on Craigs

    Not mine but someone put a little :inlove: in it Schwinn
  8. BentRims

    Crusty Cruisin

    You sure seem to have some SICK bikes my man! Would look sweet Painted or stripp'd down, I like it the way it also :thumbsup: That is so RAW! :rockout:
  9. BentRims

    Big v brakes

    Hummm... Quite the predicament your in? Looks like some Canti Brakes with some Wide/Fat Braces? Drum Brake set-ups? might as well go discs really, even if you find some V-Brakes long enough they might snap like twigs or Bend/Flex. Fat Bike I sure someone has done it, or makes some...
  10. BentRims

    Schwinn True Torch Hybrid

    WOW! Super Clean :cool2:
  11. BentRims

    What about YELLOW bikes?!

    Yellow bikes are pretty rare, same goes for the green and purple bikes. The 60-70's Schwinn's were the bomb for bike paint job's. Maybe I'll do a schweet Metal-Flake Yellow Build-off next year?
  12. BentRims

    Found a holy grail Schwinn

    Looks to be Super Mint-O Need better pic's
  13. BentRims

    Box of Covid delivered today...

    SICK! only 11G?! :rockout: It'll be stolen outside of a week after building it, I'll take 2! :blackeye: :crazy: Awesome collectors piece though :inlove:
  14. BentRims

    Box of Covid delivered today...

    Those emblem cutouts in the dropouts and Fatty forks are awesome :rockout: Have you considered Bars yet? This bike would be dangerous for me $$$$ wise. I have the S&M Husky Moto MX bars and mann are they Schweet in real life, put'em on my Atomic Strand for the time being, would probably look...
  15. BentRims

    My holy grail

    There's a kid that has one of those S.E quadangle in my area that rides it once in while, Pic's on the web make look weird in my opinion, in real life and up close it's one sick Bike! He's got some high-end parts on it and boy-o-boy is it fast!
  16. BentRims

    Bring on your GREEN BIKES!!!

    UNREAL Davo on your buddies Racing Green Schwinn with the Yellow Headbadge! Pure Bliss... :rockout:
  17. BentRims

    Bowden Spacelander

    :13: Wait a min, somethings very familiar here kinda like a Flash-back!
  18. BentRims

    RRB member in need of help!

    :happy: Even used tools aren't cheap nowadays GO! GO! GO! Used Gadget tools! :rockout:
  19. BentRims

    Covid Bike Boom Cooling Off?

    Pretty slim pick'ens in my neck of the woods, people still paying a alot for BMX and Rare's on Ebay :crazy2:
  20. BentRims

    RRB member in need of help!

    I've had my Automotive tools stolen myself :mad: Just a little kicker $ To Blessed to Stress :happy: