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  1. mornview

    Schwinn Cruiser 5

    Figured I'd post this one as is before I modify it a good deal in the next week. This has been my daily commuter and touring bike for the last ~2 years. I'm sure I've put hundreds of miles on it as I've been living car free during that time. I've been running a Bendix red band single speed...
  2. mornview

    Shimano 3cc hub

    Looking for one or more Shimano 3cc hubs, preferably with shifter and bell crank assembly. Thanks! - Kyle
  3. mornview

    Elegant/classy BMX stems?

    Strange thread, I know. Out of all the sub-forums on here I'm guessing this is the most appropriate place to ask. There's a world of BMX stems out there so I'm helping someone can help me sort through them. I'm looking for a threaded/quill type BMX stem. My wife's main commuter is an old...
  4. mornview

    Shimano 3SC/3CC hubs & 3SC ball ring removal tool

    Interested in both - Shimano 3SC/3CC hubs as well as the Shimano 3SC ball ring removal tool. Let me know if you have any of the above for sale. Thanks!
  5. mornview

    Tire/rim recommendations?

    Looking to build up a bike for some light klunking (I likely won't get as adventurous as the stuff you see in klunking videos, but the bike is still likely going to take a bit of a beating). I pretty much only have experience building up commuters, so I'm wondering what's good for klunker...
  6. mornview

    Malibu Hopper build (pre-powder coat)

    So I meant to document this build through the whole process of putting it together, but you know how that goes ... it's too exciting to get everything together! In any event, it's about to all be broken back down anyways, because I'm about to drop it off at the powder coaters' real soon. I...
  7. mornview

    Getting incorrect results from spoke length calculator

    I've built dozens and dozens of wheels and never had my trusty spoke length calculator steer me wrong, but I recently tried lacing up a Bendix Aviation manual 2-speed hub to a Sun Ringle CR-18 (ISO 590) rim. For a 3x lacing pattern the calculator recommended me 275.4mm spokes, which I ordered...
  8. mornview

    Options for replacing a headset?

    I'm looking to replace the headset on an old, Chicago-made lightweight Schwinn cruiser. I took the measurements, the headset's SHIS code would be: EC33/25.4-24tpi EC33/26 ... since I obtained these measurements: 24tpi fork, 1" diameter Cups have an O.D. of 32.6mm Crown race seat measures...
  9. mornview

    Replacing wedge on a Schwinn gooseneck stem

    I know Schwinn did a lot of weird propeitary things back in the day, so I wanted to make sure before I go ordering anything. Somehow, despite being the most used bike in our stable, I'd never overhauled the headset on my wife's main commuter - up until now. Looks like the previous owner...
  10. mornview

    Couple questions about Komet Super coaster brake hubs

    I've built up a few Komet Super hubs over the last few years and they have become my coaster brake hub of choice. However, today I started working on one with an oil port for the first time, and I have a few questions: 1. Even though it has an oil port, can I still just lubricate it with...
  11. mornview

    Need BMX handlebar recommendations

    There are a number of people here that probably know BMX bars better than I do, and there are an overwhelming variety out of bars out there on the market (and few sites give you decent filters to sort them out). Plus I know there are a number of smaller distributors (Porkchop, Al's, etc.) that...
  12. mornview

    Converting from 1 1/8 threaded to 1 1/8 threadless?

    I don't want anyone to have to explain this procedure here; I'm sure it's been covered plenty elsewhere, but it's really difficult to search on google! Every result for converting is always about converting from 1" threaded to 1 1/8" threadless. So if anyone can link me to a good tutorial (or...
  13. mornview

    Jamis Earth Cruiser

    Just wanted to get some info on these bikes; I wasn't around when the early models were being released, and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of info on them online. However ... whenever these bikes do pop up they always seem to command a (relatively) high price (around $200). I'm just...
  14. mornview

    650b wheels

    Just looking for a little clarification on 650b wheels; the info out there is so confusing, and even my LBS's can't seem to give me a straight answer. So let me just make sure I have it straight: 650A (ISO 590) wheels are my favorite size wheels. I don't know if it's just because they happen...
  15. mornview

    Schwinn Co-Ed

  16. mornview

    Touring tire recommendations

    I know this isn't a normal topic for this site, but I just want to ask here anyways because I hold the recommendations I get here in much higher regard than other bike forums out there. Besides, I'll get responses from people who are of a more similar mindest to me - I'm not planning on going...
  17. mornview

    Chain guard on a bike without mounts

    I have a pair of builds I'm working on for this winter that I'd like to add chain guards to, but the frames lack the mounts. I know there are a few manufacturers making plastic chain guards that mount directly to the frame tubing, but I'm not really interested in the aesthetics of a plastic...
  18. mornview

    Cruiser bars with a 7/8 clamp?

    I'm continuing to build up my wife's balloon tire mixte that I've posted here a few times, and it's certainly an unusual breed - elements of cruiser, BMX, MTB and road bike all in one. The stock stem on the bike is pretty cool, and I'd like to keep it on the bike if possible. Thing is, it's a...
  19. mornview

    Need recommendations on these two rims

    I'm looking to build up some wheels for my wife's new BCA balloon tire mixte: The bike will primarily be a winter bike, with studded 26 x 2.1 tires on it for city commuting. However, we'd also like to use this bike for touring during the nicer months, with some 26 x 1.5's. The roughest...
  20. mornview

    BCA Cross Town (balloon tire mixte)

    I've been looking for a good balloon tire frame to use as a winter commuter for my wife for a long time now; this recently popped up on CL and I can't say I've ever seen anything like it. It's a lugged balloon-tire mixte frame, with elements of cruisers, MTB's, and BMX all over. From what...