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  1. Duchess

    Coaster Brake Challenge 23

    Anyone try spraying alcohol instead of water? With its higher rate of evaporation, it would transfer more heat. Isopropyl is probably not easy to get at the moment, but windshield washer fluid should work.
  2. Duchess

    Covid and bike purchasing

    I work in telecommunications, so I'm an essential worker, but I'm glad I work alone and seldom see other people. After, I use a glove to pump gas and clean it and my hands with isopropyl alcohol that I keep in the car (I always carry it in case of injury). It would have to be something that I...
  3. Duchess

    Cantilever Beam chop

    This sounds awesome! I think I would connect the dropouts of a wishbone rear triangle from a junk bike to the new wheel's axle and have the junk bike's chain stays pivot off the Softride's dropouts. The seat stays of the junk triangle could be either hard-mounted or use a coilover shock between...
  4. Duchess

    What have you been riding lately?

    I love that color!
  5. Duchess

    The derailleur stays in place while the cogs move.

    I've never seen one working! In slow motion it sounds like some sort of old heavy industry machine.
  6. Duchess

    What is the best coaster brake, your opinions?

    I don't have a lot of experience with coasters since I was a kid and I have no idea what those hubs were, but I do have two currently. I have a Velosteel on my 1912 Iver Johnson. It looks appropriate to the age of the bike, but it also brakes like it. It's fine for the low speed riding around...
  7. Duchess

    Newport Bicycle Works?

    I don't know anything about it, but that's a really cool frame!
  8. Duchess

    chain/cog specs?

    Bike chains come in different widths between the side plates to accommodate denser drivetrains, but the pitch is 1/2". Earlier chains were 1" pitch. I don't know where you'd get an industrial substitute for 1/2", but conveyer belt companies make block chain that's very close to early 1" chain...
  9. Duchess

    "Mountain Bike" tires?

    I second Schwalbes. I have them on several bikes and I really like them. They're not super light, but who cares? They're durable and the rubber grips well. I don't ride any one bike enough to really wear tires down, so I can't type to their durability, but I can't see them not lasting well, too.
  10. Duchess

    How to fight coronavirus on a bike.

    Ah, I have trouble figuring out when people are serious nowadays.
  11. Duchess

    How to fight coronavirus on a bike.

    He must not be going very far or pushing it—the filters don't last very long and progressively restrict breathing, plus using them everyday would start costing a lot of money quickly. I would also guess there isn't a large supply of them available locally and that would only run out all the...
  12. Duchess

    A few disc brake questions

    Here's one: I have the single on Interrobang and I find the parking brake feature to be really useful.
  13. Duchess

    A few disc brake questions

    That should work with a road bike disc brake. Road brakes are short pull, like cantilever.
  14. Duchess

    Front wheel hard to remove on Raleigh Sports...

    I imagine this is an eyehole fork. Is one side of the axle a little shorter than the other to facilitate removal? If not, it might be a good idea to set it that way if you get the wheel off and want to put it back on.
  15. Duchess

    BB Gun bb's for "70 Raleigh Sports headset?

    Bearing sizes would vary depending on what they're for, manufacturer, etc.. Hardware stores sometimes have an assortment of bearings, or at least the smaller ones near me that aren't the blue or orange box do. You could take an old one with you and find its match.
  16. Duchess


    This conversation is about Streamlining as a design movement sometimes known as Streamline Moderne, which was a development of Art Deco and is sometimes just considered Art Deco and not broken out. It has little to do with streamlining in regards to actual aerodynamic improvements. Even...
  17. Duchess


    I cut this way down as I can go on forever about this stuff, especially where I'm building a streamlined power boat, but streamlining is about aerodynamic styling over actual efficiency (what looks aerodynamic is often not at all and vice versa), but boats rely on hydrodynamics below the...
  18. Duchess


    Maybe not ships which are utilitarian and displacement hulls that receive little to no benefit from aerodynamic improvements (even if aerodynamics in this case is primarily a stylized aesthetic rather than necessarily offering actual gains in efficiency) so much as pleasure boats. Although they...
  19. Duchess


    Love these trains! Streamline Moderne (late Art Deco) with its optimism, dynamism, and simple lines is my absolute favorite design movement. Just another thing the war largely killed off.
  20. Duchess

    Studebaker Pedal Car

    Wow, I learned something new! Iso licensed the Isetta to Velam in France, but having sold the body equipment to BMW, Velam had to make their own (which is halfway between an Iso and Heinkel Kabine, which confused me into looking this up in the first place). They're pretty rare, it seems.