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  1. npence

    Art Deco chain guard

    NOS Art Deco McCauley chain guard. $125 shipped I have two of these. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. npence

    1952 Murray and a 1952 colorflow

    Just picked these two bikes up off Craigslist. First bikes I've picked in a long time of CL. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. npence

    1941 Colson Part Out

    Frame $165 shipped Tank $225 SOLD Guard $100 sold Fenders $65 shipped Rack $65 shipped pending Head badge sold Anything else you see make me an offer Shipped from Ohio Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. npence

    After a good week of picking

    Bought all these over the last week. Everything is for sale so let me know if anything strikes you.
  5. npence

    Fleetwood special

    I have decided to enter the build off a little late but believe I have a good start on it after digging threw my pile of parts. Picked this up at Memory lane this year. I added the aluminum fenders and twin delta rays. last night here is where it sits at this time. Plan on finish the...
  6. npence

    Went picking today

    And I came home with these gems. The bikes will be for sale in parts or whole pm me if your interested in anything before I post in the for sale section. This is a paperboy special I believe Sweet springer on this one evanaction. 1930-1940's Murray wagon
  7. npence

    Huffy dial your ride and galaxy out of customer basement.

    Just picked up these bikes today. I found them in a customer basement well I was fixing his furnace. One is a 60's huffy galaxy and the other is a 1952 huffy dial your ride.
  8. npence

    Fresh pickin today

    I'm not a roadie but that the trek was cool. Then this one came from a local bike shop.
  9. npence

    Huffy red hot

    I picked this up early this week and some people wanted to see more pics of it. This bike is for sale make me an offer.
  10. npence

    Two huffmans in an attic

    I was very happy to pull these two pre war huffmans out of an attic today and get them back into the sunlight where they belong. The boys is a 1941 Huffman airflyte. The girls is a 1939 Huffman.
  11. npence

    7 bike haul

    Got a call last night from a guy that heard I bought old bicycles. So I went and took a look at them nothing real good besides the huffy red hot. Never seen one of them before.
  12. npence

    1937 silver king m137 wingbar

    I know this isn't a rat rod but it is so cool thought I would share it with you guys. I took me Awhile to get this all cleaned up and back together ever time we started working on it we would stop and stare out it and get lost in thought then next thig we knew the wife's where calling asking...
  13. npence

    2nd truck load

    This is the second load from the scrapper. . Thanks
  14. npence

    First of three truck loads

    Bought all these bikes off a scrapper today will take at least 3 truck loads. Some of the bikes I will sell. The newer ones will be donated to a non profit bike shop in Dayton Ohio. .
  15. npence

    Old rusty Elgin skylark

    Just picked this old rust bucket up. It is an Elgin skylark only thing missing is the front fender and light. Looks awesome hanging from the ceiling. With no wheels like like it is flying . Here is a pic with it pieced together on the floor.
  16. npence

    Garage sale find

    Find this colson well at work and happened to drive Past this garage sale well driving by at 50 mph thought I seen a old girls bike so I went about a mile and talked myself into turning around and I did and walked up and seen this beauty.
  17. npence

    Picked up some real gems today

    It was a great day today had some people bring me some bikes to the shop today didn't even have to go looking they came to me. :D All bikes are for sale at the right price.
  18. npence

    Flint flyer

    This is a cool bike I picked up last weekend in Ann arbor at the swap. It is badged as a flint flyer. Flint Michigan. I bought it because I thought it would make a sweet wall hanger
  19. npence

    What Looks Better On this Elgin Twin Bar

    Just wondering what every ones opinion is on what looks better on this Elgin Twin bar. with Handle Bars or with this wheel I got off Swingbikedude on this site. Im still up in the air about it.
  20. npence

    custom Elgin 4star

    I Bought this Perry Wheel the other week and couldnt figure out what to do with it. So I decided to see what it would look like on my 4 star. At first I didnt like it but more I looked at it more it grew on me. I think Im going to leave it on for now till I find something better to do with it...