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  1. Falstaff

    European tank bike

    I recently bought a bike, and the guy I got it from is now asking me about this. Anyone know what it is?
  2. Falstaff

    Little One

    Build thread When I saw a few years ago that Felt bicycles did a Little B@$!%rd cruiser, I thought a TRM tank version would be cool. I still think it is.
  3. Falstaff

    Little one

    A name here too. And a frame, and a tank. Still have to finish my current project first though.
  4. Falstaff

    Monark silver king rocket

    Just found this about 20 minutes ago. Should I post it elsewhere for a value, or can someone tell me here?
  5. Falstaff

    Fender light

    My neighbor found this fender and light, I'm not familiar with it. He's wanting to sell it, but doesn't know what to ask.
  6. Falstaff

    Former memory lane Ohio swap

  7. Falstaff

    Ratillac I wanted to have something of a cross between a Bowden spacelander, and a lowrider bike. Also wanted it to look like an old field find Caddy. I'm happy to have it. Thanks to everyone that followed along, and gave input.
  8. Falstaff

    Kids trike help.

    Anyone know what this is?
  9. Falstaff

    Fat tire monark style fork.

    There's been discussion on Facebook about converting a vintage frame to fit fat tires. This got me thinking, so I started looking around. I found the classic style springer for fat tires, but not the monark style. Has anyone seen one before?
  10. Falstaff

    Random stuff from LBS

    My local LBS goes out of business at the end of the month, so I acquired some bikes. Schwinn Taiwan heavy duti. I'll combine it with this Ross. A couple lightweights, one free spirit; the other a Japan schwinn. It might already be claimed. And some parts bikes, one is Kmart junk...
  11. Falstaff

    Shockease on a Felt

    I have a Felt Chief I want to put a shockease fork on, but they don't match in size. Any ideas?
  12. Falstaff

    RRBBO13 Ratillac.

    Here's my starting point. I'll be using this 91 Westport frame, simply because it isn't worth much. You'll all see why later.
  13. Falstaff

    Why black and red?

    This might just be my insomnia speaking, but why black and red? It seems that it doesn't matter if you go to a car show or a bike show, the traditional "ratrod" colors are flat black and red. But why? Are they the cheapest paints to buy? Why not black and white? Why not primer grey and oxide...
  14. Falstaff

    Apocalypse Knight

    Im not one to normally remember dreams, but there is one from a few months ago. It would make an interesting B movie. The gist is I was a time traveller from a dystopian future, I went back to the 15th century where my time machine broke. But a blacksmith helped me fix it, then travelled with...
  15. Falstaff

    Incomplete N.O.S. Huffy Daisy Tandem

    Went to pick up some bikes today, and this was part of the deal.
  16. Falstaff

    Murray trx

    Anyone have an idea on a value for one of these?
  17. Falstaff

    Any clue what this might be?

    A guy came into my LBS with this thing. I'll get more pics tomorrow if needed. I'm trying to get an ID and a value. Thanks.
  18. Falstaff

    Battery upgrade question

    My ebike uses three 12v sla batteries. If I upgrade to a lithium battery, do I also have to change the controller?
  19. Falstaff

    Old shimano, new shimano

    Does anyone know if an old shimano 333 grip shift like this Will work with a modern shimano 3 speed hub?
  20. Falstaff

    Felt Chief and Huffy Daisy Tandem

    I've got this Felt Chief headed my way. And this Daisy. The felt will be built up, and the daisy will be a pair of projects.