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    Raydarlux Space Cadet

    Started off with a Dutch folding bike , with the idea of making a sorta something like a Spacelander. A Chopped Kustom with a K Spacelander with a nod to Dan Dare comics Pulled bits off the scrap pile , made a skeleton, and carved the bodywork from Blue/Expanding foam . Mudguards are made of...
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    BO15 Radarlux Space-Cadet

    I've been badgered by several people to give this a go. So far I have gathered various bits that I may or may not use . 2 80mm x26" rims coaster and 2 speed Sturmey archer kicker , on Fat Frank's. Forks from a USU Quickly Moped. A frame , from a Dutch folding bike . Idea is to build something...
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    Hello everyone

    I'm Mark from the UK and I have lurked here for years , in fact until just now this is probably my favourite forum I never joined . I am on the FB page however I do have previous when it comes to building the odd too bike mind you . Why the Unhinged thing ? Its followed me round for years , I...