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  1. Jesse McCauley

    Early Solo Pedals and Grips

    Hello Bicycle folk! I am on a life-long mission to match up cool old solo bicycle pedals and grips! I generally work on 1890's - about 1920's but I have been dabbling into the 1930's lately so I am interested in a pretty wide range of cool old gear! Shoot me a message or email, I'd love to...
  2. Jesse McCauley

    Bikes So Old They Don't Roll No Mo'

    So I know many of you rat rodders are always looking for cool ways to make old bikes rideable again, making them your own and awesome while you're at it. So I'm into it and I'm going to try and start posting gear for sale that I think can help you guys out as I come across a lot of ratty stuff...
  3. Jesse McCauley

    1898 Crescent Model 20 Racing Tandem - OG Museum Quality Original

    Ca. 1898 Crescent Model 20 Two Man Racing Tandem Bicycle Museum Quality. Once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a complete, unmolested example of a pre 1900 racing tandem bicycle. This is a machine fit for a major collection and/or museum. Anyone would be proud to own such a fine piece of...
  4. Jesse McCauley

    Vintage SA Three Speed Drum Brake Hub Set

    1930’s I believe, someone here likely knows this era better than myself. Need rebuilt, likely needs a new drive cog, and I think there is a spike in the front drum? But still, cool setup. Located in Detroit Can be delivered to Copake, ML, or AA. Otherwise: $250 shipped CONUS OBO Open to trade...
  5. Jesse McCauley

    1920’s Long Spring Men’s Saddle

    Original saddle without structural problems. A few small tears in the leather that I tried to picture, could certainly be reinforced for riding or perfect for display of that perfect bike. Not positive about the stamp ID, Troxel maybe? Located in Detroit Can be delivered to Copake, ML, or...
  6. Jesse McCauley

    What you need for TOC

    So I'm bike shopping all the time as are a lot of you guys. All I buy is 1890's safety bike material, the ol' wood wheel safeties. I buy other stuff to trade though so I thought I'd make another thread encouraging you all to reach out if you have any TOC trade bait you'd like to talk about...
  7. Jesse McCauley

    Barn Fresh Prewar Schwinn Cycletruck

    Prewar Schwinn Cycle Truck project for sale. Barn Fresh find! $900 + shipping PayPal preferred With Pre-Payment I can bring this bike to meet you along my route from Detroit to Richmond, Virginia this coming week. Goodyear Studded Tread tire up front. Wrong rear wheel & fender Frame repair &...
  8. Jesse McCauley

    Schwinn Mini Thrasher

    Schwinn Mini Thrasher Complete, pedals included but not pictured. Located in Detroit, MI $125 + shipping OBO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Jesse McCauley

    Trade early stuff for ballooners

    1930's / 40's / 50's bicycle parts for trade for late 1890's / early 1900 bicycle parts. I have motorbike & ballooner items of all kinds, please let me know if you have any trade ideas.
  10. Jesse McCauley

    Welcome to my really big sale!

    New Items Added Daily! Check back, make offers, bundle items and ask questions, I have way more inventory to post. In the interest of keeping things from cluttering Im going to list a bunch of parts on this thread. I will keep pictures minimal here but I have more of any given thing, PM or...
  11. Jesse McCauley

    Ca. 1901 Mead Argonaut Road Racer Frameset

    Ca. 1901 Mead Argonaut Road Racer frameset for sale. Original black paint beneath untouched "patina," I think oxalic acid would bring it out but I'll leave that to the next owner. Original fork & headset, nickel still present under the crust, turns easily. Replacement chainring and quality...