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  1. duckyx13

    SOLD Schwinn stingray and stingray 2

    1979 stingray 2 $300 or best offer...Local pick up in Los Angeles
  2. duckyx13

    Bicycle license plates

    What's out th there
  3. duckyx13

    Iso of half of schwinn straight bar tank

    In search of the other half Of the other half of this Schwinn straight bar tank
  4. duckyx13

    Schwinn auto cycle Fender bomb jewel

    In search of the green jewel that goes on the Fender bomb Repop dont matter
  5. duckyx13

    License plates wanted

    In search of a 1953 la BL license plate Los Angeles bicycle license plate I also collect other bicycle license plates
  6. duckyx13

    Latest license plates I've got this past month

    Couple of watsonville's
  7. duckyx13

    My collection of Los Angeles license plates

    Always find different La plates but never the one I'm looking for
  8. duckyx13

    Bicycle license plates

    Anyone Collect them
  9. duckyx13

    License plates

    What's out there I'm looking for a 1952 Los Angeles plate or 1953 Los Angeles expiration date also looking for a 1948 Los Angeles plate for 1949 expiration or LA County letter f I also collect any other City license plates the standard strapped 2 X 5/8 by 2