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  1. ken-de

    Felt Zero Sen Cruiser - Munich, Germany

    Not sure how many lurkers there are here from Munich, Germany or nearby... but given I'd love my Felt Zero Sen to go to someone who appreciates it, I thought I'd give here a go. I've moved home and are now located in suburbia close to the woods, which means I ride my MTB much more than my...
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  11. ken-de

    Felt Bicycle Pics

    Do you guys clean your tyres every time you take photos of your rides? :bigsmile:
  12. ken-de

    Felt Bicycle Pics

    That does indeed look really cool! How did you adapt it for Cruiser use, eg. battery powered LED conversion?
  13. ken-de

    FS: Bullet Brothers "ZZYZX" Downhill Fork for Cruiser / Chopper

    OK, no idea why but embedding photos works in a reply but not the original post... here's a few further images, more available upon request.
  14. ken-de

    FS: Bullet Brothers "ZZYZX" Downhill Fork for Cruiser / Chopper

    Hello everyone, I'm offering something here which seems to be a bit of a unicorn, in the hope that someone doing a retro build can make good use of it. I'm no expert on the topic, but I get the impression that it will be valuable for someone out there.... The fork in question is a Bullet...
  15. ken-de

    Felt Bicycle Pics

    :bigsmile: I got back to my ride the other night after visiting the local Christmas markets and found this...
  16. ken-de

    Felt Bicycle Pics

    Hmmm... it's a bit of a trek from Germany, but we've got friends moving back to Chattanooga this month so that's a good excuse to visit again in 2018. :thumbsup:
  17. ken-de

    Felt Bicycle Pics

    Cool... I was there in summer 2015 and spent a few evenings by the riverside. Hope you stopped for some icecream ;)
  18. ken-de

    Felt Bicycle Pics

    Looking good! Is that the footbridge in Chattanooga, close to the Aquarium and Hunter Museum? It looks very familiar, and I see you're based in GA so perhaps within cruising distance....
  19. ken-de

    Greetings from an Aussie living in Germany

    Thanks guys! I'm a bit jealous that you've got such a big community over there in the US. There's some small cruising clubs over here, but they are few and far between, and none in my area as far as I know. :( Wintery greetings from Europe!