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  1. OldSkool

    * * * The 8 Ball Tracker Slacker * * *

    My 2014 Rat Rod Build off Contest Bike - "THE 8 BALL TRACKER SLACKER" . . . A 1953 KuStOm Road Master Indian Bicycle with a 8 Ball 3 Speed shifter . . . AKA: "SLACKER" because it's lacking a Motor, hahaha . . .
  2. OldSkool

    * * * ROVING GANGSTER * * *

    2013 Rat-Rod Build off Contest Bike - "ROVING GANGSTER" OldSkOoL-4-EvEr :cool2:. . .
  3. OldSkool

    * * * The 8~Ball Tracker Slacker * * *

    The 8~Ball Tracker Slacker has hit the ROAD, hahaha . . . And YES. . . I'm not a " SLACKER " hahaha Its FINISHED !!! I have been so Busy this year with everything going on, I thought I was going to be known as a " SLACKER " because I didn't think I was going to FINISH IT, but I did ! Thanks...
  4. OldSkool

    * * * The 8-Ball TRACKER SLACKER * * *

    *******************************************GUESS WHO's BACK ****************************************** hahaha.... No NOT the "KID"... I WISH, hahaha.... It's been a while since the last build off & I thought it would be a great time to GET THIS PARTY or should I say BUILD-OFF STARTED & FIRE...
  5. OldSkool


    The "ROVING GANGSTER is done & ROLLIN' in the the Motor-City, hahah.... :D ***DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE "Roving Gangster - ROLLIN' " Video on You Tube :shock: . . . Click Link BELOW:
  6. OldSkool


    I'm excited to get my page started for the RRBO#8 :D I'll be going with the "Traditional builds" & I have So many ideas going through my head right now its spinning, hahah :lol: I do know one thing for sure....I'm going to try & give my build a little "DETROIT OlD SkOoL STYLE" Kick...
  7. OldSkool

    Music thread, what "NO KID" ???

    Was checking out the "Music" thread on the site & didn't see the "KID" ... Gotta have a few "KID ROCK" fans on the site 8) ??? I listen to "all" types of music but I would have to say my top 3 are (KID ROCK) (UNCLE KRACKER) & (TY STONE). Anyone going to see KID ROCK this Summer at "DTE"...
  8. OldSkool

    GYES Bicycle seat GS-13-1

    Hello, does anyone use a "GYES" Bicycle seat, the GS-13-1 ??? If so do you like it, are they comfortable & worth the money ??? Appears to be a knock off of a "Brooks" ??? Any Feedback from any of the members using the GS-13-1 or similar Gyes would be Greatly appreciated. Been thinking about...
  9. OldSkool

    2nd Day on the Site & Order IN !

    Well that didn't take long, hahah... 2nd day on the site & I couldn't stand just looking at them "BEAUTIFUL" 3G 57mm Jemima wheel sets. Ordered my 26"x57mm wheels this morning, (Red with the Black Spokes) 8) , Can't wait for them to show up !!! When I get some extra cash I have to order me one...
  10. OldSkool

    New to the Site

    Hello from MICHIGAN... ( Detroit Area ) New to the site & hopefully I have posted my (Intro) in the right spot, hahah.... I will get familiar with the site as I stumble through it.... Basically that's how I found this site, searching for some "OLDSKOOL" rat rod style bike pictures. Enjoy...