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  1. Jake B

    Raleigh Chopper / Raleigh Fireball

    wanted Raleigh choppers or Raleigh fireballs, what’s out there at the moment? I need a winter project
  2. Jake B

    Raleigh Chopper 1971 Ten Speed

    So recently I picked this up off the forum! Anyway it made the trip all the way to England Quite a rough old beast The frame had two broken welds, but in the process of sissy bar extraction the brake bridge came off as well. Had to drill the sissy bar out of the frame in the end So...
  3. Jake B

    (MMBO #5 - Class 1) Raleigh Chopper Single Speed Coaster

    Well here it is, all finished and fresh pics from this morning brrrrrr I am hopefully picking up an original paint orange chainguard to go on this bike, but the likelihood is it won't be here by the deadline lol...
  4. Jake B

    (MBBO#05 Class 1) Another Raleigh Chopper

    here we go, another chopper project. I picked up a frame yesterday and united it with a chainguard and forks These forks were originally from a tall frame and had been cut down lol My last set of mk1 bars, hopefully they will clean up
  5. Jake B

    (MBBO #5 Class 1) 1970 Raleigh Chopper

    I picked this bike up on Sunday, it's one spec frame I've been looking for 16 years to add to my collection! Anyway here it is I've started to strip it down, will get some pics uploaded in a bit of the challenges I've faced with the sissy bar extraction!
  6. Jake B

    10 Speed SHOPPER

    A few years ago I was inspired to build the 'SE Shopper' based on the 1976 SE Chopper! As you can see I did a pretty good job on this one! So by looking at this pic of the 10 speed chopper, you can tell which way i am going?? There's going to be a few challenges on the way, as I want...
  7. Jake B

    Crash is a Top Guy!

    Sent some handlebars on the 3rd to the UK Bars came a few hours ago (7th), just fitted them and they are ace! Thanks very much Crash!
  8. Jake B

    A Bike A Month!

    Starting from October for some reason, this 72 Green mk1, from Denmark. Was missing back wheel so I built it coaster spec! November saw my early stingray project, found this as a frameset here in the UK! December got hold of this 72 3+2 mk1! A nice survivor that only needed new tires...
  9. Jake B

    Great Ball Of Fire!

    Ok, This build is something I have had in the pipeline for quite some time, it may seem nearly finished but there's still a long way to go! Let's start off with a fireball frame which arrived to me a few weeks ago! Because I knew it was coming, I had time to dig out the bits from my spares...
  10. Jake B

    London 10 Till 10 Epic Kustom Adventure 2013
  11. Jake B

    Balloon BMX Beach Bike Build

  12. Jake B


    Be there early for Breakfast & Chat If you have a bike you want to show off put on the Stage display area! Usually around 2pm we get the bikes ready for a relaxing cruise kicking off around 2.30pm. Who knows there may even be some kind of closing ceremony around 4pm. Please check out...