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  1. ken-de

    Felt Zero Sen Cruiser - Munich, Germany

    Not sure how many lurkers there are here from Munich, Germany or nearby... but given I'd love my Felt Zero Sen to go to someone who appreciates it, I thought I'd give here a go. I've moved home and are now located in suburbia close to the woods, which means I ride my MTB much more than my...
  2. ken-de

    FS: Bullet Brothers "ZZYZX" Downhill Fork for Cruiser / Chopper

    Hello everyone, I'm offering something here which seems to be a bit of a unicorn, in the hope that someone doing a retro build can make good use of it. I'm no expert on the topic, but I get the impression that it will be valuable for someone out there.... The fork in question is a Bullet...
  3. ken-de

    Greetings from an Aussie living in Germany

    Hi everyone, First posts here from a long time reader... I'm an Aussie living in the north of Germany, and have only recently got into the cruiser scene. I used to run just one bike for everything - getting about, shopping, family rides, single trails in the forest - but the theft of my much...