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  1. Jarod24

    Arizona coaster club ride #13/march

    AZCC march ride!! Hopefully have some great weather this month! Meeting at Herberger park on Indian school and 56th st Sunday March 12th at 10 am. Head out at about 1030. We usually cruise roughly about 10 miles and then grab something eat and drink at the end. Hope to see you all there...
  2. Jarod24

    AZCC vintage ride #12/February

    Arizona Coaster Club ride #12/February!!!! Meeting at the Herberger park 10 am!! Sunday, February 12th. Indian school and 56th st. Head out from the park at about 1030 or so. Was thinking we could cruise the neighborhoods or go the opposite direction on the canal that we normally go. Then grab...
  3. Jarod24

    Stem lot

    stem lot, $65 shipped for the whole lot. 10 stems PayPal as a gift or add 3 % thanks
  4. Jarod24

    Random parts lot

    Lights, bells, fender braces, kickstands, grips, cogs, free wheel, prewar mud flap. $75 shipped. What you see is what you get. PayPal as a gift or add 3 % thanks
  5. Jarod24

    Blue dream

    Well it's been awhile since I've built up a rat rod, but I've been wanting to build up something that I can mess around on and haul .... So I'll go ahead and get in on this. Actually just found the frame last week. And been picking up some parts the last few days, let's just say I have a lot of...
  6. Jarod24

    AZCC vintage ride #10/December

    AZ Coaster Club vintage ride #10 Meet up at Herberger park on 56th st and Indian school, Saturday December 10th 4pm. Head out at 430. I've been talking about doing this ride for awhile. Cruising from herberger park down to the Scottsdale pavilions for the classic car show there on Saturday...
  7. Jarod24

    AZCC #9/ November ride

    AZ coaster club ride #9 meeting up at 9:30 am Sunday Nov 6th. Head out a around 10 am. Head east towards down town Gilbert probably cruise past, go down to freestone park like last time and then come back and grab something to eat and drink in the downtown area. McQueen Baseball fields are in...
  8. Jarod24

    AZCC #8 October ride/tour de fat

    Alright guys! Saturday October 1st! Tour de fat! I figured the Buffalo Wild Wings/Tempe improv parking lot would be a good place to meet up. It's about a mile or so from Tempe beach park where the ride tour de fat ride begins. Meet up 9/930 then head to the park, The actual ride starts at 11. To...
  9. Jarod24

    AZCC vintage ride#7/September

    Meeting at Herberger park on Indian school and 56th st. Meet up Sunday September 11th 8 am and then head out about 830. We can cruise the neighborhoods again if everyone wants. Then head to OHSO brewery at the end. Hope to see you all there! Also if anyone on here is on Facebook and isn't...
  10. Jarod24

    AZCC vintage ride #6/August

    Sunday August 14th morning ride!!! Meeting at 8 am! Bright and early! Hope that's not too early for ya guys. Just figured it would be cooler out. Meeting at the baseball field parking lot on McQueen in between Guadalupe and Elliot near McQueen park. Meet at 8 am and head out at 830. We can...
  11. Jarod24

    Parts lot/ local pick up

    $80 takes it all. local pick up Mesa,AZ Lots of good stuff!! Great for someone building rat rods
  12. Jarod24

    Haro bmx & GTO deluxe 24

    Looking for info these haros and the GTO deluxe 24. Value and year, thanks
  13. Jarod24

    All sorts of stuff/ truck load

    So I pick all this up from a family friend to help sell most of it and maybe keep a couple. Her husband passed away a few years ago, unfortunately before I really got into the bikes deep. Need to go back and pick up another truckload of stuff. I'll post better pics possibly later today. Couple...
  14. Jarod24

    AZ coaster club vintage ride #5/July

    AZ Coaster club vintage bicycle ride #5/ July Meeting up at Herberger park on Indian school and 56th st 630-7 on Saturday July 23rd. Thinking we can do the cruise up to the park again then back down to OHSO or another place to grab food and a drink. Make sure you guys stay hydrated and bring...
  15. Jarod24

    AZ coaster club #4/June ride

    Alright guys we're going to do a new location next month. Plan on meeting at McQueen park in Gilbert, south on McQueen/Mesa dr in between Guadalupe and Elliot on the east side of McQueen. There is a bunch of baseball fields and parking there. Meeting Saturday June 11th at 630pm and head out...
  16. Jarod24

    AZ vintage bike #3

    Alright let's go for a 3rd month in a row! Vintage bike ride #3. Came up with the the name AZ coaster club for the the name of our ride/group. Let me know what ya guys think. So we're going to do a night ride this time, it's getting too hot to ride during daylight hours. And probably at all...
  17. Jarod24

    Deluxe 6 racer RRB6 winner revisited

    So I recently came across this build thread for petroheads deluxe 6 Monark 5 bar rat racer that won RRB #6. Awesome bike, I was searching through old thread because I'm building up a 5 bar myself. I...
  18. Jarod24

    1935 Silverking custom

    Just finished this one up.
  19. Jarod24

    Parts lot!!!!

    Parts lot. What ya see is what ya get. Sprockets, couple seats, stems. $40 shipped
  20. Jarod24

    Phx,AZ Area bike ride

    Getting a vintage/bike ride together in a couple weeks. Going to be Sunday March 20th meeting up at herberger park in Phx/Arcadia area. Going to ride a few miles then grab a drink/food at resteraurnt brewery place called OHSO brewery. Pretty cool bicycle themed place. Let me know if your...