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    Copper bike, just a thought.

    Has anyone considered copper plating a frame an fork? Let it oxidize a bit, maybe to the point that parts turn green then seal it. Just thinking out loud.
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    Over grown tricycle.

    Have any of you ever considered building an over grown tricycle? I don't mean a trike as in a chain driven bike with two wheels in the back. I mean a TRICYCLE . A big version of Use the 36" wheel from a Coker unicycle or Wheelman And put on a big fat seat That big 36" up front and a...
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    Educate me on chains.

    I thought all 1/2" chain was the same. I was looking at the KMC Chain web site and they have several terms I didn't know were used to describe chains. Half link 1/2" x 1/8" 1/2" x 3/16" 1/2" x 3/32" I thought all chain was the same and you just needed the right length. Someone fill me in please.
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    Greeting from the open road.

    Hello All, Just call me Stinky. I'm a truck driver and a bike-o-haulic. I'm typically the kind of guy that likes things original and complete. Since being bitten by the bike bug several weeks ago, I've developed a hankerin' for what can only be called a rat rod bike. You'll never see me...