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  1. ratttrike

    BO15 One GIANT Leap

    Bought this old Giant off GovDeals for $5. My local landfill lists lots of bikes there. I say old, not compared to the vintage rust most of you are building this year, but an 03 just the same. A 17 year old left for dead Giant I purchased to build into an everyday rider. Everyday rider you say...
  2. ratttrike


    3 some blossoms into OC Baby. The Baby Blue 70’s Columbia Trike takes on a new look with the help of a couple old Schwinn OCC’s and a few more odd parts from the bone yard. Slap on a pair of Ape Hangers, a 29’er front tire and laid back old school steel seat and there you have it. Many props...
  3. ratttrike

    OC Baby

    First time builder. Gonna build an old Columbia 3 wheeler I picked up at a yard sale late last year for $75. I plan on stripping her down to the frame and hitting the boneyard behind the shop for some inspiration. Think I’m going to attempt to put some Schwinn Stingray chopper rear wheels on the...
  4. ratttrike

    24x3 whitewalls

    Do they still exist? Have an old Workman 3 wheeler and want to put a couple on the back. Just can’t seem to find a pair anywhere. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. ratttrike

    Found me an old Schwinn

    What do I have here gang? My first Schwinn find. Have no idea what I’m looking at. Roughly what year was this bike produced? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk