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  1. Johnny Wolf

    Need Some Assistance From The Chain Experts, Please

    Hope someone can help. The OEM chain that came on my Schwinn measures out at: Roller width= 1/8" Roller dia= 5/16" Pitch= 1/2" Pin dia= 9/64" Which equates to a #410 (1/2" x 1/8") chain. I wanted to swap it with a nickel plated chain, so I bought a 1/2" x 1/8". However, when I tried to instal...
  2. Johnny Wolf

    26" Schwinn Rumbler (New Mods)

    There's already a thread on the Rumbler, but I figured I'd start my own since I'm in possession of one now. On the proverbial Fence: Yep, I was on the fence about this, but the deciding factor was that I can't build one for the price of $369.00 shipped. Here in So-cal any decent straight bar...
  3. Johnny Wolf

    Reflector End Grips D.I.Y.

    Anyone can purchase amber or red reflector end grips. Has anyone else attempted to make their own? Not ground breaking technology, but it was a fun little experiment after I go the idea. I used a threaded aluminum nipple and honed out the inside at an angle until it was razor sharp, then used it...
  4. Johnny Wolf

    GT Overdrive with Overdressed Rims/Tires aka When Money is No Object Build

    Saw this posted on FB this am. It took me a second when I was looking at the wheels, then it dawned on me. A GT Overdrive (I think?) with about $2,000 worth of forged Weld dragsters front rims and Hoosier tires. Now he can go 300mph+ with no worries.
  5. Johnny Wolf

    2020 Schwinn Stingray 125th frame (only) wwith Vintage/Repop parts and 26" Springer "Right Tools For The Job"

    This build (my first one documented here) started off with my '68 Stingray, until I discovered it was a Jr, so that one will be on the back burner for the time being. So, I went on the hunt for a 2020 125th frame to use all the parts that I've gathered thus far to build the bike I've been seeing...
  6. Johnny Wolf

    Who is this noob, Johnny Wolf? And what else does he create in addition to Bicycles (warning lots of big pix ahead)

    ...Hot Rods, and Motorcycles? Well, I also make table Lamps, refurbish/customize candy/gum machines and occasionally make wooden flags. I rarely have idol hands, helps keep the AADHD and OCD at bay..haha. Anyway let me know your thoughts, as I really don't share this stuff with many outsiders...
  7. Johnny Wolf

    1st Gen & 2nd Gen Rat Finks with different bars?

    I sat on my 1st gen RF this am, and thought to myself...I need to swap these bars. I'm still mostly a form over function dumba**, but these need to go. That being said, I may change my mind tomorrow. Any pix of others who have swapped? Google didn't provide many examples. Show'm if ya' got'm...
  8. Johnny Wolf

    Hey y'all I'm from So-Cal

    Noob here, but not to forums. I have a 1st gen Rat Fink (bought it the day it came out) and '68 Schwinn that I'm currently doing a resto-mod on and I have a '41 Blown Chevy Truck (haha) I already follow RRB on FB .