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  1. 37fleetwood

    Winged Hot Rod

    Hi, I thought I would join in. here is a photo I took this year that I liked, hope you guys like it. :oops:
  2. 37fleetwood

    New Fat Tire Label

    A friend, who drinks Fat Tire Ale occasionally, found that during the "Tour De Fat" the bottles have no bike on them. he decided that it was an opportunity to put the bike of his choice into the label. so here it is the unofficial new Fat Tire Ale label. tell me what you think
  3. 37fleetwood

    1937 Huffman Super Streamline

    so, here's what I've been up to. since I bought my Firestone Streamline I have been thinking how cool it would be to have one of the Huffman versions with the curved rear end. at the time they were supposed to be unobtainable. some experts even went so far as to say that they never made them...
  4. 37fleetwood

    Nautilus (steampunk themed build)

    I'm starting a bit late as usual, and I don't have a bike yet but I'm planning my build. I'm looking for a frame and tank suitable to my purposes, if you have something laying around let me know. while planning last years build I had thought about the steampunk style, in fact you can see the...
  5. 37fleetwood

    Cyclone Coaster Long Beach Ca. ride pics are up

    had fun, met a couple Ratrodbike guys there. even one of the new Tee shirts there, I want one! here's the link ... &Itemid=76 and a teaser photo for you. :lol:
  6. 37fleetwood

    Huffman Help

    I was just wanting to address something that I haven't mentioned before. I was just quickly going through the forum like I often do and realized that there is a problem. with dozens of posts titled something like "new project" or "Please Help!" I have no idea what;s inside and I don't have time...
  7. 37fleetwood

    San Diego Thanksgiving Ride Nov. 27, 2010

    Here are the photos of the ride in San Diego the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Nov. 27, 2010
  8. 37fleetwood

    Night time at the Flying A Studios

    I may have better ones out there but this is the one that came to mind. (it's not supposed to be one of my build off bike is it?) I took this the night of the Flying A Studios Swap and Ride this summer. Hope you guys like it.
  9. 37fleetwood

    Gene Winfield's 2010

    I went, I saw, I lived to tell the tale. :lol: Photos are posted here: ... 9c14ca7881
  10. 37fleetwood

    Photos of the Cyclone Coaster Swap

    the photos are up on check them out!
  11. 37fleetwood

    Cyclone Coaster Ride October 2010 Photos

    HI, I posted the photos from the October 2010 Cyclone Coaster ride on my site. (click on the photo to check them out)
  12. 37fleetwood

    Ride and Swap At Walt's Flying A Studio 2010

    Ok, the photos are in! Met a few of the guys from this site, had fun, sold some stuff bought some stuff, rode a bit, and ate too much, basically in that order :lol: here's the link: ... fa0be1c388
  13. 37fleetwood

    Upcomming Ride In Mission Bay!

    Tentatively we're planning a ride in Mission Bay August 28th. I'll hammer out the details and post them as we get them settled. here is the thread to the last Missioln Bay Ride in 2008. take a look and you will have to agree you can't afford to miss this one...
  14. 37fleetwood


    Well it's finished, and at the last minute. Here is the build thread, I started with this 1941 Huffman made Firestone. Here is the final drawing. My friend Randy was instrumental in the design and most of the fabrication. We Decided...
  15. 37fleetwood

    Stream-Flex (changed from H.R.Puff-n-Stuff)

    well, though I haven't even placed in the top 20 before, I'm in! here's what I have so far, a mid '60's Huffy Eldorado or some such. I'm thinking this year will be along the lines of Battlestar Galactica meets Mad Max. we'll see.
  16. 37fleetwood

    a chance to be a good Samaritan

    this is going to seem a bit odd but a situation is developing on another forum that I belong to. it started with a member trying to sell some of his car parts so he could help out a family from his church where the father of 38, with a wife and two small kids, was killed by a drunk driver. the...
  17. 37fleetwood


    * sub·ter·fuge * Pronunciation: \ˈsəb-tər-ˌfyüj\ * Function: noun * Etymology: Late Latin subterfugium, from Latin subterfugere to escape, evade, from subter- secretly (from subter underneath; akin to Latin sub under) + fugere to flee — more at up, fugitive * Date: 1573 1 ...
  18. 37fleetwood

    Burrito ride May 23rd from the Guys at the CABE

    I realize it's not much notice and on a holiday weekend but the plan is to ride on Saturday, the 23rd of may. why I'm the one to post this I'm not quite sure but here it is! the guys there will hammer out the details, I'm just along for the ride (pun intended) for those of you who went to last...
  19. 37fleetwood

    SUBTERFUGE (Finished)

    I've been thinking it might be fun to build another one. I haven't figured out what to call it yet but thought I'd stay with the vintage monster theme. so far it's between Kong, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon. I have ideas for either way. anyway here is the photo of it as it sits today...
  20. 37fleetwood

    Where are they now???

    I went for a ride the other day and decided to ride Godzilla. while riding I was wondering, where are all the bikes from the build off's of the past? here's Godzilla as of this past Sunday's ride in Long Beach May 3, 2009.