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  1. Johnny Wolf

    26” Cantilever Style Frame Comparision Thread

    I've owned 4 Harleys in the past 35 years (still have two). Only time I've ever been stranded is with a flat. That old BS comes from the AMF era Harleys of the 70's and it's been stereotyped and passed down generation to generation via non motorcycle owners who dont know the difference between a...
  2. Johnny Wolf

    26" Schwinn Rumbler (New Mods)

    One of the guys in our car club has 3 daughters who race BMX. They all run BOX components, he's the one who recommend them to me. First impression is bang for the buck. Not cast, all billet and reversible. Seems they should have a much higher price tag. Really smooth action. I have mine adjusted...
  3. Johnny Wolf

    26" Schwinn Rumbler (New Mods)

    Swapped out the oem brake assy for a BOX Blue. Man, these are so nice for the money. This is long reach flavor, they have a short reach as well.
  4. Johnny Wolf

    Rant: rim strips

    That was going to be my reply as well. Has never let me down yet.
  5. Johnny Wolf

    Who is stripping and auctioning off OCC Chopper Bikes on eBay?!?!

    To each his/her own I suppose. I see forums dedicated to those fugly things and the West Coast Chopper bikes, too. I can see if you were 8 y/o when those shows were hot, you would probably have to have one I guess... On a side note, same goes for any pointy parts, fat tire, tribal flamed...
  6. Johnny Wolf

    26" Schwinn Rumbler (New Mods)

    Recent Mods: Swapped: taller bars, grips, seat, seat post, seat post clamp, valve caps (LOL), chain and pedals. Added: crossbar pad (I have the matching top bar/stem too but, I still may change all. I have another idea that's gong to require a trip to my buddies upholstery shop. Also added chain...
  7. Johnny Wolf

    Show us your inexpensive (but comfortable) bike seats.

    Awesome, I really like mine as well. Yes, you cant be the price for that quality.
  8. Johnny Wolf

    Show us your inexpensive (but comfortable) bike seats.

    Way to swing at the low hangin' fruit. Hahaha
  9. Johnny Wolf

    Show us your inexpensive (but comfortable) bike seats.

    Sweet. I rode on mine yesterday for about 30 min, great seat. The foam (not gel) is real compliant not too soft and spongy, nor is it too hard if that makes sense? Let us know your thoughts when you receive it.
  10. Johnny Wolf

    Show us your inexpensive (but comfortable) bike seats.

    I got this Aikate on Amazon a couple weeks ago for 25 bananas. Looks very similar to the one in your pic Horsefarmer, it even has the rubber springs. I think they are on sale for 23 right now? Only available currently black w/blue or red stitching. REALLY like it. Litte BMX seats are cool....if...
  11. Johnny Wolf

    Need Some Assistance From The Chain Experts, Please

    Too picky? I couldn't get the first chain to fit period (see my first pic) How does that make me too picky? I too have been playing and wrenching 45 years. Started in 5th grade customizing bicycles and racing motocross motorcycles. The past 20+ years building custom Harleys and Hot Rods. If I...
  12. Johnny Wolf

    Wood frame bicycle

    Yep late 90's to mid 2000's is now Vintage, hahaha! Silly kids. When I was a little kid my grandma owned an Antique Store (That's now a Vintage Store to you kids) on Ventura Blvd in the San Fernando Valley, California. Needless to say, I've always been intrigued by old items. I asked her when I...
  13. Johnny Wolf

    Schwinn bikes ( post pics here )

    I still have a '68 Stingray Jr I'm slowly working on, but here's a 2020 125th Anniversary Stingray with a 26" springer I'm currently buttoning up and riding. Started with just the frame. Still may repaint purple, I'm on the fence and in no hurry. In stock form.
  14. Johnny Wolf

    Bring on your GREEN BIKES!!!

    Kind of cheating since I bought it this way, back when it came out.
  15. Johnny Wolf

    Electra Bicycle Pics

    Purchased the day they came out, replaced the grips seat and pedals same day. Kind of wish I hadn't now, but I had no idea that after 17 years I'd still have it. Pic was taken about 4 years ago. Hanging out with Wolfy, my '41 Chevy pee-cup early this year. Posing with my youngest daughter's...
  16. Johnny Wolf

    this morning pick on the back of farm truck2

    Very nice score.
  17. Johnny Wolf

    Need Some Assistance From The Chain Experts, Please

    Nice, I had a chrome Mongoose with all red anno accents and gums. I busted the frame at the neck doing some very high jumps. Took all the goodies off and mounted them up to a Gary Little John "prototype" frame that I got my hands on. Man, I cant begin to imagine how much that would be worth...
  18. Johnny Wolf

    Need Some Assistance From The Chain Experts, Please

    Success! You hit the nail right on the head with regard to fine tolerance chains vrs. cheap chainrings. Worked like the champ, fell right into place. I learned a good lesson with this one, thanks.
  19. Johnny Wolf

    Need Some Assistance From The Chain Experts, Please

    Yeah the ConneX has a lot of good reviews, its really smooth on the Stingray, even with the cheap China components in the rear hub.