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  1. tacklebox

    Please help 1 inch threadless headset

    So I just got some really awsome forks to put on my 59 schwinn tiger they are 1 inch threadless I also purchase an fsa 1 inch threadless headset my problem is the cups swim around in the headtube does anyone know of a 1 inch threadless headset that will work in a middleweight frame Sent from my...
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    What's up with the tapatalk app I haven't been able to get the forum to load in about 2 weeks is anyone else having this issue
  3. tacklebox

    Halloween costumes and vintage bikes

    So i was thinking it would be awsome if we all posted pics of our halloween costumes with our bikes ill have to wait till my costume gets here but if any of you already have yours lets see some awsome pics of you dressed up on your bikes Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  4. tacklebox

    3/8 slotted front axle

    So I ordered a new wheelset for my schwinn when they finally came I started installing them right away just to find the front axle would not fit it was 3/8 and schwinn middleweight forks are designed to run 5/16 axles I thought to myself these wheels are going on this bike wether they like it or...
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    Show us your bike with thickslicks

    I just ordered a new set of wheels and thickslick tires so while I'm waiting for them I can get my fix looking at yours Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. tacklebox

    Flat tire

    So I went for a 11 mile ride in the city today a couple hours later I went to go for another ride my rear tire is flat bet you'll never guess what was in it Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  7. tacklebox

    Monocog w/ race face turbine cinch ?

    Can anyone tell me if the race face turbine cinch direct drive crank will fit a 2011 redline monocog 29er Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. tacklebox

    Schwinn truss rod

    So I got a set of mint schwinn truss rods off eBay it said they are the heavy duty ones when they arrived I was so excited to put them on only to find out they are too long for my 59 tiger I've measured them and the whole set up seems to be 22" does anyone know what size I need to fit my bike...
  9. tacklebox

    Schwinn front rack

    So I'm looking for a schwinn middle weight front rack for my 59 tiger I can't spend a ton of money but I'd like one that is in good condition let me know what you have Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    When I was young

    So when I was young I thought old bikes were stupid now I'm addicted to them like I am a center fold girl Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  11. tacklebox

    Mini rat

    Here's my daughters schwinn pixie she's been riding it the last couple days and never had training wheels so proud of her I didn't even help her get going she did it all on her own Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  12. tacklebox

    For my girl

    Here is what I have so far for my girl I've had this Hollywood frame for years and finally got it to where you can call it a bike I'm not done with it yet I need to find a set of the original forks for it the ones on it make it sit low so I had to run a shorter crank which makes it kind of...
  13. tacklebox

    Unstamped schwinn s7

    So I looked to see if I could find this topic but couldn't I have my '59 schwinn tiger it came with mint condition s7wheels which I thought to be original but I've noticed they are not stamped and the axle setup is a bit different than one I have that is stamped are the unstamped wheels...
  14. tacklebox

    1959 Schwinn tiger

  15. tacklebox

    New Hampshire???

    So I know there are a few members here in the granite state I was thinking it would be cool if we all got together for some rides every now and then... I see slot of groups on here and pics of they're rides I always think I wish I lived there so I could go why not do it here guys
  16. tacklebox

    How do I clean brand new Brooks saddle

    So my daughter decided to spray bug spray right next to my bike she got it all over my brooks saddle which left kinda white discolored spots on the leather I tried to use the proof hide I thought it worked but the marks came back shortly after any ideas Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. tacklebox

    Best girlfriend ever

    So yeah my girl is the best she got me this park tool pcs-10 bike mechanic stand for my 35th birthday she's such an amazing woman she's my bestfriend my world my everything I'm so blessed to have her
  18. tacklebox

    Identify my sons frame

    So me and my kid put this together out of a bunch of stuff we had kicking around its his first ratbike which I think came out really cool so far but I can't figure out what kind of frame it is any help would be great if you noticed it has double toptubes
  19. tacklebox

    My 59 Schwinn tiger

    So I bought this off a fellow member here this is what it looked like then And this is what it looks like now Sorry pics didn't come out too great Cut the rear fender and made it a little more sporty
  20. tacklebox

    Brooks b66

    Anybody have one tell me what you think of it I just ordered one for my new bike that's on its way just wondering if I made a good buy