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  1. Duchess

    PPE for bike building

    Junk clothes for anything that will impart bad smells or involves grease, oil, etc. and old shoes for putting holes in the beaver dams. I have an Israeli military gas mask with NBC filters for painting. Grinding, sanding, whatever, I wear lab goggles (which I only started doing after I got a...
  2. Duchess

    ... From My Front Door

    I'm in the suburbs north of Boston and we get coyotes that do the rounds through the yard and surrounding property every few months. I have a couple of recordings of them celebrating kills or communicating hunts or something (one sounded like they were attacking Canada geese in the pond . . ...
  3. Duchess


    I gave this one to a friend. It's an '86 Nishiki Century..
  4. Duchess


    I second that there are things to appreciate in more than one bike. I'm not competitive at all, I do build-offs because it pushes me to actually finish something and maybe people can learn from some of my odd ideas (as poorly documented as they tend to be since I forget to take photos when I get...
  5. Duchess

    Can you powder coat chrome?

    It won't stick to chrome.
  6. Duchess


    Yeah, I imagine the voting changed for a reason. If it goes to one vote, everyone knows which three or four contestants all the votes will be distributed amongst, just not necessarily the order. That's not a knock on the top builders, just a point about predictability. Personally, I vote...
  7. Duchess


    Electric: midmount Bafang 1500W with a 52V 35Ah battery.
  8. Duchess

    refinishining headset parts?

    Good info!
  9. Duchess


    If I end up the only motorized class contender, I might stand a chance of winning!
  10. Duchess

    refinishining headset parts?

    Looks more like it's for a headset because it has the locking tooth on it and I don't recall ever seeing a BB with one, though I certainly haven't seen every BB type. For cleaning it up, I would just use sandpaper. It might be easiest to put the paper down on a workbench, loop duct tape or...
  11. Duchess


    I definitely agree with that. Without functional pedals, it's effectively a low-powered motorcycle.
  12. Duchess


    Good question! I don't really know. Some e-bikes only operate as pedal assist, others can run assist or throttle. Mine will be one of the others. I'd be fine even with it being "exhibition only" and disqualified from voting if it violates the rules. I mainly want to build it for the build off as...
  13. Duchess


    I'm in with an E-bike I've been waiting to build.
  14. Duchess

    Recommend Marine Grease?

    Probably not needed, but definitely superior in terms of not washing out like regular grease.
  15. Duchess

    Seat post question.

    I would be shocked if 6061 bar stock wasn't strong enough. On my Interrobang Spaceliner, I had a similar problem, so I hammered a 6061 rod into the cheap Wald 13/16 seat post and I have had no problems (at some point, there may end up being some galvanic corrosion, but I'll probably be dead...
  16. Duchess

    Anyone tried these "Thousand Heritage" helmets?

    I like the look. I've been looking at similar vintage-style moped helmets for the electric bike. They also seem like they'd be of better use protection-wise than the usual recycled coffee cups.
  17. Duchess

    97 Specialized M2

    Whoa, this thing is going to look amazing!
  18. Duchess

    Bicycle trailer help?

    I still have to wire it up, so I don't know yet. Hull speed is about 6 mph, but I'm hoping it accelerates to it quickly and holds it easily. I've got a couple lifepo battery packs for it that should be able to run it for a long time. This cart looks a lot better than my previous attempts, so it...
  19. Duchess

    Bicycle trailer help?

    This is the third kayak cart I've made. First one wasn't solid enough or versatile to work with my wood ones, the second used straps and wouldn't stay straight as the kayaks just sat on top of it so that any torque on the boat rotated it on top of the cart and collapsing/reassembling it took too...
  20. Duchess

    Reviving Track Racing?

    That 30* angle is insane. Maybe the idea is to keep one out of the saddle altogether. I like mine angled back a little past level, but much more than that and things get uncomfortable in a particularly uncomfortable way. I think a path racer group would be pretty fun with bikes that are cheap...