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  1. ratcycle

    newbie recovering a seat

    This will be my first time recovering a seat and I need help. What kind of foam do I get and where can I get it? What's the difference between open and closed cell foam. I'm confused and I need help
  2. ratcycle


    Schwinn spitfire-15 Spiegel air man-Sold Shipping is included.
  3. ratcycle

    Need help with id and valuation

    I have this bike, I don't know what it is, and the year. If I was to sell it how much should I ask for it? Can someone help me out please
  4. ratcycle

    Huffman Here is my Huffman I got from mikesbikes. The front is a 26 x 2.125 and the rear is a 26 x 2.5 maxxis hookworm. I wanted to know what your opinions of the updated version is.
  5. ratcycle

    Liberty bicycles

    I want to know who made them for Goodyear, and where I can get info on them. I have one called a featherweight and I need to know more.
  6. ratcycle

    cold weather

    I know someone posted this topic. But i envy anyone who lives in the south right now. I live in Wisconsin, where come Monday night is suppose to be -4 below. I work in my dads unheated, crud for insulation basement. So its miserable out. How does everyone work on bikes when it's so darn cold...
  7. ratcycle

    huffman pictures

    Currently I am re-building a 1949 huffman airflyte. I cannot get the look I am looking for. So I thought if people could share their huffman builds, I might find what I am looking for. Thanks.
  8. ratcycle

    northern tool repair stand

    I saw this on northern's tool website and wanted to know what you guys think of it or if anyone has used one in the past. ... pla&ci_kw={keyword}&gclid=CL_Dg8H8i7QCFao7MgodwSgAbA
  9. ratcycle

    Looking for spokes

    I wanted if the username of the guy who was selling spokes with nipples if he still is?
  10. ratcycle

    Vintage bicycle swap meet West bend, WI

    It is on Feb. 19 in west bend.
  11. ratcycle

    wanting to build a fixie?

    I have a freewheel wheel that I want to turn into a fixie. I would like to build a suicide hub. How do I build a suicide hub and is there any other way to convert a freewheel hub? I don't want to buy anything. Can I weld the freewheel hub body to the wheel?
  12. ratcycle

    what year is it

    I wanted to know the year and model name of this bike ... 171c05.jpg ... 7d111f.jpg
  13. ratcycle

    Help me id my railegh

    I wanted to know what year this raliegh is, and how much should I sell for at garage sale. ... 0_4559.jpg
  14. ratcycle

    Harbor Freight drills?

    Are the drills at harbor freight any good? If so, which ones. Also are gen8, powersmiths any good? I have a black and decker that just took a dump, and I am looking for cheap alternatives.
  15. ratcycle

    Help id please

    What brand and year is this bike and where can i get parts for it. The left bb bearing holder is shot. I need a new one ... 0_4563.jpg
  16. ratcycle

    S-7 tire size help

    I have a red stripe bendex hub on an s-7 rim, what size tire goes on it.
  17. ratcycle

    help me I.D trike

    I wanted to know the year and who made this, what it looked it originaly, and anything else anyone can think of. ... le/007.jpg
  18. ratcycle

    26 x 3

    anyone tell me if a 26 x 3 would fit on 26 x 2.125 rim or show me some pics. Thx
  19. ratcycle

    26" fender on 27 1/4 fit

    Will the blue fenders from the picture fit on 27 1/4 tire bike? ... 0_4078.jpg
  20. ratcycle

    customer build

    Here is a bike I built for a customer, whatcha think? ... 3345-1.jpg