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  1. order99

    The White Rabbit-a two-afternoon build!

    Well, I thought that Build Off Ten was going to have to do without me.:cry: That's okay, there's always another Build Off- But then FATE intervened, in the person of a local LBS owner who dumped half a truckload of dumpstered scrap in my yard and dared me to Do Something with it-with two days...
  2. order99

    FINISHED! The White Rabbit ("late i'm late i'm late i'm....")

    Well, another build-off come and gone, and i'm too broke and too busy supporting myself as an amateur Luthier on Ebay and Etsy to participate. :( No matter, I have my 1965 Schwinn Aristocrat to comfort me on late evening rides, and starting in August I will have work driving cars for a...