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  1. nosferatu1381

    Oxalic acid

    The last word on organic acid restoration. I cannot find my previous thread and I worked my tail off today to knock this out
  2. nosferatu1381

    Hobby money

    Both daughters are getting driver's licenses this year. I managed to sell a couple projects and grabbed them both the cars they wanted. Kate suggested I give my spare car to my oldest before I had a chance to ask her. Not bad since I technically haven't been working since March. I managed to get...
  3. nosferatu1381

    really, does everything have to change at once

    `could have been worse
  4. nosferatu1381

    Matched pair of New Departure hubs $750

  5. nosferatu1381

    Schwinn "Scrambler"

    Because this is a terrible idea
  6. nosferatu1381

    E-Stay Rider

    Maybe I can get rid of this thing if I turn it into a bicycle. I would put antlers on it and a red nose and stab it into the yard at Christmas to irritate my neighbors
  7. nosferatu1381

    I got robbed

    I'm just kidding. My bike is still the coolest
  8. nosferatu1381

    Lola's bad idea

    I have a commissioned bike here and i am going to try to marry a few things together for it. I already have it halfway built in my head.
  9. nosferatu1381

    Emblem Archbar Joel's random stuff I'll just keep updating this one

    Brooks b17 buck $100 +destination Emblem Archbar $1500 plus destination. I have the hoops it was found with that's the only i changed, a horse stepped on the front wheel so it was crooked. I had a pair of still wrapped in butcher paper Lobdel hoops I stitched the original tires and hubs to...
  10. nosferatu1381

    Distracting yourself instead of hawking these polls

    Anyone else finding it really difficult to resist peeking at the voting thread twenty times a day? I am thinking a bike packing trip until next Thursday. There is a rails to trails trailhead near my house that goes all the way past Texarkana. I figure if I leave now I wont have service until I...
  11. nosferatu1381

    Swap meet withdrawal

    I just pulled up to the house and thought man it's a shame nobody else is here this looks just like a swap meet. I am cleaning out the garage and found a ton of cool parts I have no use for. A couple cool bicycles I really want to do something with but I will never make time to ride. Then I...
  12. nosferatu1381

    Lake Charles

    Does that look like a Murray or a Huffy. It kind of looks like the pointed drop outs but it kinda looks like a Dayton chain guard I think it's been standing out there all night.
  13. nosferatu1381

    Worksman rear drum

    I am looking for a rear drum to match this worksman front. It's been six years and Skully is finally starting to break spokes. I'd like to build a much stronger set so I can take advantage of the fact he cruises at 50 plus. Even just that hd hoop would help I could just order spokes. Or if...
  14. nosferatu1381

    Skully needs new spokes

    When I built these wheels I knew they wouldn't last forever. I would like to replace them in 24" with thick bricks but I would be happy if I could find a matching rear wheel for this worksman front. Anyone know where I can find one or should I just order new spokes?
  15. nosferatu1381

    Beiwagenmaschine Type II (now with riding video)

    was just a bicycle, or whatever 24" Roadmaster stretched, chopped, lowered, drop looped, raked, side carred, intensely lit, air horn with compressorred, Triiger suicide shifted, twisted spoked, drum braked, etc. plus mostly it's kinda I am really happy about it and the side carrier is custom...
  16. nosferatu1381

    53ish Western Flyer.

    I couldn't resist this one. Should clean up nice if I can find tires for it. 20xEuro
  17. nosferatu1381

    Barnstorming day.

    I brought home some hd wheels to build another sidecar and kind of made a list of some future projects
  18. nosferatu1381

    B-6 Just a rustoration, ( the last word on oxalic and other organic acid rust removal)

    Something to keep me busy. I went barnstorming and brought one home to clean up for Charlie. It's a good candidate for a chemistry demo. I will probably make a live video of the acid bath. I can't think of a better way to show you guys how it should be done. We'll see. The rack is missing a few...
  19. nosferatu1381

    motor munday

  20. nosferatu1381

    Phantom repop resto

    Someone referred me for a rustoration. I only charge a hundo for a typical chemistry bath type paint reveal rustoration plus destination for club members. The pisser here is it was his Dad's bike and it has a few issues I know how to fix, the saddle I can recover so it looks new, this cheesey...