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  1. RustySprockets

    Pair Wards Hawthornes -- $200 (Baltimore MD)

    These are the same two bikes I had mentioned earlier in Fresh Finds. The seller has re-listed them. EDIT: They've already dropped the price twice. I wonder how much it'll be tomorrow?
  2. RustySprockets


    Got a line on these two rough gems and hope to have them in my possession by week's end. The blue bike is a ladies Wards Hawthorne, minus its tank and chainguard. Not sure what to make of the other one. Sweetheart ring and chainguard suggest Schwinn, but the fork says otherwise.
  3. RustySprockets

    Lidl Budget Bike Stand

    Anyone who might be in the market, the Lidl bike stand is back in their stores for $40, starting today.
  4. RustySprockets

    Schwinn camelback Speedster -- $250 (Rosedale, MD)

    Way overpriced, in my opinion, but it is what it is. 26" probably means it's a ISO597...and it needs tires.
  5. RustySprockets

    Tell the Truth...

    this is one of you guys, right?
  6. RustySprockets

    Modern Schwinn Manta-Ray -- $100 (Reisterstown, MD)

    Thought someone might be interested, if only for the parts.
  7. RustySprockets

    Stop, Swap & Save 2022

    SHEESH! These guys don't waste any time!
  8. RustySprockets

    Royal Flyer -- $110 (near Bel Air, MD)

    Looks post-war to me...with an ugly loaf seat. Snyder-built? Rusty, with a bent fork, and a bit more than I usually like to pay. Maybe the seller will negotiate?? There is definitely potential there.
  9. RustySprockets

    Huffy Cruiser -- $40 (Arnold, MD)

    Not much to look at, but it might make a good foundation...and the price is right.
  10. RustySprockets

    Bendix Red-Band Kickback Hub -- $60 (Towson, MD)

    Looks to be a 28-hole version.
  11. RustySprockets

    Schwinn Heavy-Duti -- $75 (Dundalk, MD)
  12. RustySprockets

    Spring Cleaning

    Nope...the thread isn't about sanitizing your filthy workspace. This tip comes straight outta the Department of Why Didn't I Think of It? Now you can reach all those little nooks and crannies you couldn't before.
  13. RustySprockets

    DNR Kit Tool

    A handlebar alignment gauge for the really, REALLY picky!
  14. RustySprockets

    Bendix Red Band Kickback Hub -- $100 (Towson, MD)

    Seller claims it's for a Schwinn Krate, but it sure looks like 36-holes to me. Didn't Krate bikes come with the 28-hole version?
  15. RustySprockets

    Vintage AMF Pedals - $2 (Elkton, MD)

    NOS 1/2" block pedals on sealed card. Too distant to make the trip or I'd grab them myself!
  16. RustySprockets

    Ladies Columbia Step-through -- $50 (Finksburg, MD)

    Terrible photos, but the bike looks complete.
  17. RustySprockets

    Pre-war Shelby??

    This specimen, resplendent in its red house paint, is up for grabs locally. My tentative ID is based mostly on the chainring style, which I believe was common on Shelby-produced bikes. Anyone willing to chime in?
  18. RustySprockets

    1946 CWC Roadmaster -- auction (Mt Bethel, PA) it's not eBay. It is an online auction house, so I'm guessing this is the proper place to list this very nice specimen. Check out those funky add-on front brakes! At the time of this posting, the bidding stood at $50 + 18% buyer premium--$59 total...
  19. RustySprockets

    Ladies Columbia Cruiser -- $20 (Ashburn, VA)

    Maybe a good foundation for a gender-bend project or a straight restoration. Tough to beat the price in this current climate.
  20. RustySprockets

    2020 Schwinn Collegiate Tribute Bike--American Made

    Check your couch cushions...this sweet re-imagining of a loved classic is hand-built and doesn't come cheap.