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  1. RustyGold

    KK Slick Daddy, Felt Scythe, Diamondback chopper

    Not mine, on CL in So. Oregon. I really like the Slick Daddy Many more pics in CL ad... Slick Scythe Diamond
  2. RustyGold

    Vintage Bike Show, Deluxe Brewing Company, Albany Oregon, May 8th!

    I'm not affiliated with it, but I'll be there. Its a relatively small show, and was skipped last year do to chinavirus...shows and swapmeets need all the support they can get, as those that don't get that support, I'm afraid, will die. The county it is in is being threatened with a downgrade to...
  3. RustyGold

    Future acquisition!

    Well... future, because it's now become a birthday present, so, I'm not allowed to open it up till my birthday...mid-June. ...but, since this was ordered May of 2020…I did need to confirm it was all there... right? Skyway T/A 24 :thumbsup:
  4. RustyGold

    A couple of smalls...

    A partial Girvin and a fastback Sting Ray... ...5 Speed, at one time...
  5. RustyGold

    Bridgestone Submariner (OR CL)

    . This has been on CL for a long time...but I always stop for a look when I see it. Probably weighs a ton...but, the stainless steel aspect is intriguing :grin:. Bridgestone Submariner
  6. RustyGold

    Felt 1909 on Oregon CL

    Felt 1909
  7. RustyGold

    Recent acquisitions!

    5spd 24" Sears Spyder... Mongoose Kos Kruiser...
  8. RustyGold

    Merlin NewsBoy (Titanium) in OR

    Just ran across on my local-ish CL... Merlin NewsBoy - Titanium Beautiful...but way too rich for my deficient blood :grin:.
  9. RustyGold

    NIB 2005 Schwinn Chopper Stingray

    :39: :shake:
  10. RustyGold

    My new office

    When I came back to work a couple months ago, I asked to be moved to a different machine on the other side of the shop. Here is my 'new' office space :grin:... ...and desk area... I got a corner office...but there isn't much of a view :wondering:.
  11. RustyGold

    Bowden Spacelander

    Local... reproduction? real? :39:
  12. RustyGold


    Is there a signature field anymore? I've been looking...but I'm not finding :grin: .
  13. RustyGold

    RRB member in need of help!

    As discussed in the BMX rule discussion page, RRB member @léocwc had all of his tools stole from his workshop. Leo has started a crowd fund for tool replacement...I thought it should be reposted in a more visible forum. leocwc tool fund
  14. RustyGold

    Box of Covid delivered today...

    Here is the non-descript markings, practically no hint to what lurks inside... ...first peek inside reveals naught... I dig a little deeper, and find my first clue... ...and then, just like that, full on exposure to The Covid... ... CRUISER! I hope I survive...
  15. RustyGold

    Seven deadly words list...

    So, when did ..... (nice young man from Galilee) get added to the list? @Rat Rod
  16. RustyGold

    My Oregon Neighborhood (9/7/20 update)

    I aired out some dirty small town Oregon laundry in the 'Plains of Armageddon' and 'Plains of Armageddon II' threads. Now for some of the more palatable pics of my neighborhood :thumbsup:. No bicycle, just bipedal. Standard disclaimer, pics are from a broke cell camera... poor quality. Went...
  17. RustyGold

    Plains of Armageddon II

    This is the sequel to, 'The Plains of Armageddon' post :grin:. I've haven't been riding since late May. I was supposed to wait until four months after surgery, but, I figure 11wks is close enough :thumbsup: I took the Floval Flyer out to an old mill log pond turned park / wildlife refuge /...
  18. RustyGold

    The Plains of Armageddon

    So... usually, people try to show their neighborhood in its best light... this is not that kind of tour :confused:. These pics are from a couple years ago. Small town Oregon, in what used to be a timber county...there is still a timber industry, but it is a shadow of what it was. The following...
  19. RustyGold

    Recovery recoveries...

    I've been in recovery from a surgical procedure the last couple months. I more or less got my driving privelidges back three weeks ago, and my lifting restrictions were raised to 20lbs. I went on a bit of a CL spree from then until I went back to work last week. As far as my wife knows, nothing...
  20. RustyGold

    Pics from vintage BMX show, Eugene OR

    Pics from show last weekend...