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  1. QuickWall

    How does this work?

    I stumbled across this picture on a French website. Does anyone know how it works? It's a thingy to lube the chain, I get that much but.... Has anyone seen this before? Skickat från min SM-G970F via Tapatalk
  2. QuickWall

    First blood...

    Ok here goes, though I might make a small thread about my project. First the disclaimers... Yes it's a cheap China engine, yep I read the sticky post.... Safety first and all that. This one is a low budget first build. My primary goal is to have fun, finish it, perhaps ride a bit but most of...
  3. QuickWall

    New guy from Sweden

    Hi, Great site this one. I seem to end up here no matter what my first intention was to get online... So I figured I might as well join in =) I love bicycles, I ride every day to work and I always have at least one bike in bits and pieces trying to modify it to suit my mood for the season...