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  1. David Baker

    My version of a 26” muscle bike

    My first muscle bike build. Built for the 2020 RRBO.
  2. David Baker

    High Plains Drifter Custom 1962 Murray Sabre Challenger

    High Plains Drifter. 1962 Murray Sabre Challenger Specs: •1962 Murray Sabre Challenger BF Goodrich 16” frame •1960’s Shimano 333 3 speed Shift kit •1960’s Stewart Warner Speedo •1960’s Rim Brake custom mounted to the sissy bar aka (Sissy Brake) •26” wheel set and tires •Shimano 333 3 speed hub...
  3. David Baker

    BO15 High Plains Drifter (The Finish Line)

    Starting the Krate Krusher(High Plains Drifter) bike. This is my first bike build-off. I am altering a 1959 Murray BF Goodrich Sabre Challenger, in to a “Krate Like” lowrider. I picked up a 3 speed shifter off of the bay, that will help power the middle weight frame with 26 inch wheels. More...