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  1. GOATre-cycle


    Good luck everyone. I enjoyed seeing all of your projects. Makes me want to do more.
  2. GOATre-cycle

    Victus Mortuus (Riding Video)

    Re: Victus Mortuus (Getting Skulled) That's crazy and I love it!
  3. GOATre-cycle

    Elginetic (The End)

    Re: Elginetic One of my favorites in this competition. I love the sex change and light work. I hope you get your tire situation sorted out and can't wait to see it completed.
  4. GOATre-cycle

    J.C. Higgins "Kermit" Flightliner

    Primed the chain guard after a little maneuvering to get it to fit. I also got the springer fork in the mail today.
  5. GOATre-cycle

    J.C. Higgins "Kermit" Flightliner

    The Goodyear in question in which the chain guard was stripped from.
  6. GOATre-cycle

    J.C. Higgins "Kermit" Flightliner

    Fitting a chain guard from a currently unidentified Goodyear
  7. GOATre-cycle

    J.C. Higgins "Kermit" Flightliner

    Original Troxel Seat. I am going to try and tackle re upholstery and taking off all that rust. The seat looks real good on the bike and should be worth it.
  8. GOATre-cycle

    Lady Jivaro

    shop photo looks like you are ready to have a it. Good luck in the build, it is an exciting design.
  9. GOATre-cycle

    Lucky # 7

    I am way underdressed for this competition. I didn't know we had to tuck our shirt in for this one.
  10. GOATre-cycle


    Re: ☆☆Ꭼsє LᎾ₡Ꮎ JᎾKᎬЯ!☆☆(THAT CRAZY JOKER!) RRB#08 love the schematic and concept! Good luck and hope it rides well.
  11. GOATre-cycle

    Fat Fix (COLOR CHANGE)

    Re: Fat Fix I can't wait to see it come together. I see a few fat tire bikes in this build, very exciting.
  12. GOATre-cycle

    J.C. Higgins "Kermit" Flightliner

    I got a few coats of paint on.
  13. GOATre-cycle

    J.C. Higgins "Kermit" Flightliner

    Thank you very much! Apparently today is my first time using a computer.
  14. GOATre-cycle

    J.C. Higgins "Kermit" Flightliner

    The start of my submission for the build off, and my first attempt at this build off. Love the starting photos of the other contestants already. It should be a good one.