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  1. AmericanMade609

    New Columbia 5 star

    proudly purchased from my local bike shop today. Couldn't resist.
  2. AmericanMade609

    Schwinn 26" single red band hub, rim, & tire. Bendix coaster brake

    i have a 26" Schwinn back wheel. (S-7) Comes with single red band hub, a straight rim with one missing spoke! A bendix coaster brake and a old bald, dry rotted Schwinn Westfield tire. That still surprisingly holds air! came off a 1964 women's Schwinn American. Chrome is in good shape! Just...
  3. AmericanMade609

    Help! Red clay or white walls??

    Holding a vote..Having trouble deciding between the vintage red clay brick tires and some classic white walls for a rusted out 5 star superb. 2.125 also: Plan on trying to take that bright new red paint off the tank so it doesn't pop as much. Thanks for any feedback.
  4. AmericanMade609

    Picked this up today. Think it's a 51'

    Picked this 5 star superb up today. Drum brake works! Not exactly sure on the year. Any info is appreciated!!!! my first Columbia.