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  1. toro1978

    Felt Heavy Duty

    I should have a look at all three front derailers and try to remember which one with what shifter corresponded. The how to pages say put the chain on the big chain ring in the front and the biggest rear sprocket, which is only one here anyway... Without running the chain through the derailers...
  2. toro1978

    Felt Heavy Duty

    Thanks! Any info is much appreciated. I actually played with the front one a little and adjusted the limiting screws. They were self explanatory enough. So it looks like I set the cage to move only above the two rings. It seems that the 1/2 1/8 chain will be able to move freely through the rear...
  3. toro1978

    Am I about to bend the rules to far?

    This is literally the last factor that would break the rules. ;)
  4. toro1978

    Felt Heavy Duty

    Adapter and BB installed: I then mounted the drive side crank. It looks like the chain won't rub the tire. So the next step is to get a second chain, because this one is of course for igh drive train so shorter than needed. I have enough chains and I think I also have a master link. Mock up...
  5. toro1978

    Am I about to bend the rules to far?

    I think he wants to remove them for aesthetic purposes.
  6. toro1978

    The Gypsy Queen

    He wants to remove the original seatstays, not only bolt on the extension, Matti. That's his concern. But they are factory bolt on too, so it should be ok, I think. The frame is not being modified, but disassembled and can be easily reassembled.
  7. toro1978

    Am I about to bend the rules to far?

    My take - in this case the seatstays are a bolt on part so I don't see a problem with replacing them. I would however still keep the original seatstays and add to them rather than replace them because adding to them will make the construction sturdier.
  8. toro1978

    Felt Heavy Duty

    Lol the tool turned out awful. I couldn't cut it deep enough. It didn't spread so I had to force it open. Then it was a pain getting in the BB housing. But I managed to remove one cup. The other will need some more convincing but I put some wd40 there first. P. S. I gave up. I just got a big...
  9. toro1978

    Felt Heavy Duty

    The rest of my parts arrived today. I dedicated myself to finally make a dedicated tool to remove BB cups: As you see I used a leg from a Felt fork. Here some more parts of the same fork: This comes under the stem and emulates a double crown fork (triple tree) while in reality I use an...
  10. toro1978

    Billy Bobber

    This older Nexus 7 is a beautiful hub.
  11. toro1978

    Araya Faux-Class Wheels

    What tires are these?
  12. toro1978

    Project "Firebolt"

    TSDZ2 also offer a coaster brake compatible version - what Bafang I think haven't done to this day. The Basman is a beautiful frame, but along with the Porucho has some design flaws - the worst of which is the very low BB. So I think I will like you version better.
  13. toro1978


    What are you going to use - a hub motor or a midmotor?
  14. toro1978

    Felt Heavy Duty

    Thanks! Here is also an idea how to install a seat lower and to the rear if you don't trust or can't find a layback post. Or And if you can't use the seatstays bridge you can try this trick:
  15. toro1978

    Felt Heavy Duty

    Everybody is posting and I am a page 2 slacker?! Shame! Shame!... I installed the fork. Needless to say it took me a while to find all parts from the Felt headset. I mounted the tire: So just for comparison, a 3" rubs on the legs, right at that narrow part of the stanchions: Reworked the...
  16. toro1978

    °°° ShowBoatin' ™ °°°

    I had a similar experience and in my case wasn't the fork because I have two 22 mm adaptors and one of them was a perfect fit, (as well as the 22 mm quill stems I tried just to make sure), while the other needed a little convincing. Manufacturing tolerancies, I guess, so even with the right part...
  17. toro1978

    The Gypsy Queen

    They remind of old motorcycles. Unfortunsately the rest of the world went with the diamond frame design.
  18. toro1978

    The Smoke

    Yoga mat is a good option for seat foam replacement. They are found in different thickness too.
  19. toro1978

    ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡ HEXtreme ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡

    I admit, I like the 346 tires better too.
  20. toro1978

    Basman 346 "Orange Mashine", the New Style Icon ;)

    Can we have a pic directly from the rear, please?