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  1. dirtytoes

    '58 Schwinn Corvette

  2. dirtytoes

    JC Higgins

    My first tank bike sooo happy to get this, now to try to get the black paint off without hurting the red under.
  3. dirtytoes

    Dana 3 speed on my Monark Rocket

    I got this dana from a AMF Roadmaster, after a few days of repairing and cleaning i installed it on my monark rocket. The gearing is not what i expected think it would be good for flat roads but i was hoping for something to help me up a hill other than a single speed.
  4. dirtytoes

    Whats a good offer for this

    The gears seem frozen, Wheel won't turn
  5. dirtytoes

    Duct tape

    Saw this at a home improvement store
  6. dirtytoes

    Felt Magno

    Picked this up yesterday,little worn and rusty but generaly ok
  7. dirtytoes

    Aiken BlueGrass Fest ... t=1&ref=nf
  8. dirtytoes


    While i was picking up trash on the side of the road in front of my house(2 bags full)a passer bye thru their trash out for me to pickup.
  9. dirtytoes

    Springer Fork

    I have a Monark Rocket frame and an old monark springer,but the fork tube is longer than the head tube. whats up with that? anyone know.
  10. dirtytoes

    This is the Alley Aiken S.C.

    This is The Alley Aiken S.C.
  11. dirtytoes

    New from S.C.

    Hi everyone im new to this forum, I bought an old schwinn on the side of the road about two years ago its as old as i am 1958 and fixed it up. now im hooked on messing with old bikes. Workin on a 1950's monark rat now so thought i could learn something here.