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  1. jdloniak

    Motorized stingray trike build

    Well got me a cool little project. Building a motorized stingray trike for The Little Angels Foundation. Gonna be auctioned off in November at their fall Gala. They gave me the 2 bikes to start with. Got them cut and frame is at local muffler shop having the new tubular rear arms made up...
  2. jdloniak

    New addition

    Picking this pretty girl up tomorrow. Will make a great companion to the men's Flyer I have.
  3. jdloniak

    Wicked Worksman Finished

    Well it has definitely been a challenge. But I wanted a true motorized Worksman Trike done the correct way and not a hack job like several I have seen on the www. It has been awesome to build this and see it come to life. I hope you can appreciate it as much as I do. So this is a list of what it...
  4. jdloniak

    50's model Western Flyer

    Just like it says. I have Western Flyer. Looking to do a tricked out build. Welcoming any input or thought on what to do.
  5. jdloniak

    Wicked Worksman

    Well here's my entry for the build off. Started the build June 9. Just ran across this site yesterday and registered. I know there is only 3 weeks left, but I am pretty sure I can complete it by then. Started out with a Worksman Trike I bought from a guy I met at the local gas station. Seen it...
  6. jdloniak

    BO entry

    Is it too late or can I still enter?
  7. jdloniak

    Schwinn OCC Chopper

    This is a build I did recently. Schwinn OCC Chopper ( purchased for $75 ) Custom fabbed mounts for engine offset to clear rear wheel, 11" Harley Ape hangers cu tand modified to fit the bike stem, added front fender, light, and custom built the gas tank from on old air cylinder and mounted on...
  8. jdloniak

    Motorized Worksman Trike Ratrod

    Thought I would share some pics of my Trike build. Night I bought it. Paid $50 Adding the engine 6" rear strectch and lowered 2" New Goodies added and quick mock up to see how it will look.
  9. jdloniak

    Hello from Louisiana.

    Just wanted to introduce myself. Name is Joe, I live in Baton Rouge, I am a Auto mechanic and builder. Used to be big into building customs bikes as a teen. Now getting back into building bikes again. Wish I would have found this site sooner to participate in the build off, just started a build...