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  1. 54shadow

    NOS Saddlebags

    Upgrade to the Townie, the cheap saddlebags I got from WISH, bit the dust, but, I got a whole season outta them. Bought two NOS map pouches from a military discount place and turned them into saddlebags, these should last for a while longer.
  2. 54shadow


    A friend of mine down in Texas, sent me this pic of a bike at an antique mall in New Braunfels, Tx. Priced at $395.
  3. 54shadow

    Punk Steamster

    This bike build started a couple of years ago. Slapped something together quickly for one of my twin daughters. Laced in a 3-speed hub and used an old, MTB frame. She rode it once and it sat from then on. So, dad got tired of looking at it sitting in the garage. Started re-doing it last fall...
  4. 54shadow

    Schwinn Tank Springer

    Picked up a new project bike tonight. On a lark, stopped in the local Goodwill and found this, 1953 Schwinn bike with tank and springer fork. The front sprocket looks to be a replacement, but, looks OK by me. Someone painted it a baby blue. The original color was a more, candy blue. Put some...
  5. 54shadow

    Schwinn Tanked Springer

    I picked this baby tonight. Me, not being a Schwinn-phile, need some help on identifying this puppy. Thinking that the serial number was on the bottom of the crank, looked, nada, could be hidden under the tank on the frame? I can still see the "Schwinn" decal ghosting under all of that blue...
  6. 54shadow

    Your help is needed ...

    I am working on a cruiser project and want to put ape hangers and a banana set on, where and which one is the best application to fit a 26" cruiser bike?
  7. 54shadow

    Going for the tallest bike record
  8. 54shadow

    Steampunk Muscle

    Was going to enter the muscle bike competition, but, one thing led to another and the project stalled out. So, I am just posting what I have done so far and sit this one out. A lot of talent and creativity here on the site, never fails to inspire me.
  9. 54shadow

    This build is AWESOME!!!!

    This guy's build, showed up in my YT feed, this bike is ingeniously tricked out! My jaw is still dropped at the engineering that went into this. What say you all?
  10. 54shadow

    Shameless plug

    Not really an event, but, met up with a vlogger from Russia who I subscribe to on YT, Real Russia, he and his family are driving from the east coast to the west coast. I and another motovlogger, navythomas8, met up with him and gave him a tour of downtown Omaha, Neb. Navythomas lives just over...
  11. 54shadow

    New Ride!

    Broke the piggy bank, but, it was worth it. Picked up the new, Raleigh Detour 5.5 last evening at, Peddlers Bike Shop, in Independence, Mo. The first time I laid eyes on this bike, I knew I had to have it. Needed a ride with disc brakes, fenders, light weight and 28" rims, this one filled the...
  12. 54shadow

    Could be some ideas for the next, build-off

    If you were asked to draw a bicycle right now, from memory, without cheating, would you be able to remember the exact anatomy of the seemingly simple two-wheel design? Would you be a little hazy on how the frame connects the wheels or where the saddle area really sits? Artist Gianluca Gimini has...
  13. 54shadow

    Ricard Sachs Bike Builder

    Found this great photo expose.
  14. 54shadow

    Big Bobs Bike Barn

    This is spoof, obviously, that I did for some vloggers on YT, they inserted it into their show as an advertisement.
  15. 54shadow

    Mystery 12-Speed

    A coworker of mine, gave me her late, husband's 12-speed road bike. It is super light. No head badge. On top of the fork is the letter, "B," stamped into it. It has Shimano 600 components through out. There is a serial number on the bottom of the frame: AS431099. The rims are, Wobler Super...
  16. 54shadow

    Doing this for a friend of mine ...

    She found this bike, leaning up against the dumpster, by her apartment complex. She asked if I wanted it, however, we live many, many, many, miles apart. I told her I would post some pics over here, so my fellow Ratter's, could give me some info on it, so she could list it on CraigsList. Any...
  17. 54shadow

    Takara 10-Speed

    Stopped by the Goodwill last Tuesday, Senior discount, ha ha, and found this puppy. Never heard of it, but what caught my eye was the, lug frame like the, Bridgestone I had, back in 1973. Also, was the last two low sprockets, they are skipp tooth. Cleaned it up a bit. Any way, here are some pics...
  18. 54shadow

    Motorman by Meijs

    I do not know if this has been posted here or not, a friend of mine sent me the link. It is an electric moped that is currently available in Europe, soon to be sold here, state side, by the looks of it, it will be pricey, but, has the cool factor. I will be keeping an eye on this one...
  19. 54shadow

    Chrome something, it is on the tip of my tongue, but ...

    When I was coming out of my work place in, downtown, Kansas City, Mo., this chrome babe was right in front of the building, chained up. I have seen this frame style before, but, my pea brain cannot put a finger on it. Should be a no brainer for the brethren here, thought I would post it and see...
  20. 54shadow

    Mongoose Enix ...

    I saw a Mongoose Enix at the thrift store tonight, it is in fairly good shape. Still has the original tires on it and just a few surface scratches here and there. The top tube of the frame is square tubing. They want $25 for it, but, with my senior discount, it will be less, worth it? S/N...