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  1. laidbackcool

    *Silent Assassin* - Rear Fender Added

    Hello everyone, I never planned on taking part in RRBO8, but checking out all of the awesome looking bikes inspired me to have a change of heart. Below is what used to be a Schwinn Drifter that I customized then took apart a while back only to collect dust. I'll use a few spare parts, which...
  2. laidbackcool

    First Build (Finished): New Pics w/Decals & Faux Battery Can

    My 1915 Sears Chief Custom Motobike:
  3. laidbackcool

    Sears Chief Frame Variations: 1915-17

    I posted two photos in my build thread of Sears Chief Motorbikes that were listed as made in 1915. My initial reaction is it appears that nearly every Sears Chief I've encountered on the internet was made in 1915. Reason being is I've never seen the year verified via serial number or any...
  4. laidbackcool

    Baby Blue for the Woman I Love

    I completed this project back in May of 2012. The bike is a Schwinn Del Mar that my girlfriend bought for herself at Wally World over a year ago. She absolutely loves baby blue and has always wanted her bike to be painted that color. In fact, she specifically told me that she wanted the...
  5. laidbackcool

    Serenity (1915 Sears Chief Custom) - Updated & Finished

    Over a year ago, I bought a Schwinn Drifter from Sears. Even though it was a nice looking bike, I found myself wanting to change certain components to make it look like a bike that reflected more of my tastes. So, I ended up replacing the factory springer fork with an original Monark springer...
  6. laidbackcool

    Hello from Memphis

    I know very little about bikes but always wanted to see if I could build one. I also wanted to get back into riding again. After stumbling across this site and checking it out for over a year now, being blown away by the amazing builds from all of the forum members is an understatement. It...