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  1. whitecoyote

    Donkey Bike

    Interesting, Seems I've seen this before. :bigboss:
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    Came across this site recently. It's a site to register your bike(s), and it's free. Don't know much more about it, but if your bike gets stolen any chance of getting it back helps. I'll be registering a few of my bikes to test it out.
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    Building a bicycle in 1945 "How a bicycle is made"

    Interesting video. Warning: Video will make you sleepy! :bigboss:
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    (Updated 03-02-21 photos) HUMUHUMU-NUKUNUKU-A-PUAA

    KONA single speed cruiser Picked this Kona up today. I believe the seat, stem and handlebars are not original. Tires are miss matched, but everything else appears to be original. I have seen Kona's before and they have always intrigued me. Any Kona experts out there? Any idea what's original...
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    .........BamBoo Bikes

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    .....Bicycle Dealer Decals

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    Schwinn Cycle Truck

    Recently acquired this Schwinn Cycle Truck Serial number dates it to 1965, Obviously missing the basket and brackets. Color doesn't appear to be original. Handle bars and grips(?) The child bicycle seat (Schwinn) was removed. Everything else appears to be original.
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    DBS....."The Best Bicycle"

    Recently acquired this DBS bicycle. Manufactured in Norway, possibly mid 60's. Appears to be all original except for the tires.
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    Surly Bicycles

    Surly LowSide
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    Kenda Whitewall Tires......

    .......are turning PINK! A couple of months ago I re-did this 1962 Schwinn Jaguar. The tires were replaced with Kenda whitewalls. Since then I've rode the bike several times. Nothing out of the ordinary. Today I get the Jaguar out to go on a ride. I look at the tires and notice the whitewalls...
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    WTB: Vintage Schwinn Jaguar Mark IV Headlight

    I have a 1962 Schwinn Mark IV Jaguar. Looking for a period correct headlight that would have come on the Jaguar.
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    Schwinn 1962 Jaguar Mark IV

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    1948 Detroit bicycle license plate

    Looking for a 1948 Detroit bicycle license plate
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    Schwinn (1948 mfg.)

    Recently acquired this Schwinn. Serial number shows it was manufactured 09-22-1948. Can anyone tell me what model this Schwinn is? Thanks
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    SOLD TRM Convertible Tank

    For Sale: TRM Convertible Tank I bought this awhile back for a project. Never used. $100.00 shipped to the lower 48 Check only please.
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    1980 Schwinn Heavy-Duti

    A little dusty, and rusty, but should clean up well. The guy i bought it from said it hung on the wall of his fater-in-laws (original owner) shop for nearly 40 years. Found in Homosassa, FL
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    2nd Annual Mackinac Island Vintage Bike Ride/Show
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    1973 Raleigh Sport