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  1. smudgery

    The Mothership AKA '08 kiddie krate

    Mothership ready for blast off if not so very pretty just yet....she's finished for now but will get some surface finishing at a later stage...... "Space Cowboys" Mission Accomplished (more or less) and yes that is a handbag on my handlebars and no it's not mine...
  2. smudgery

    The Mothership AKA '08 Kiddie "Space" Crate

    This is something I dreamt up a year ago ( in '08 )and have been steadily gathering the bits and generally figuring out how to make it since.It's not offically a bike though.It's a bit of imaginative child transport for behind,so I'll understand when people say it doesn't really count,but the...
  3. smudgery

    Scraped 8

    This is an Electra Straight 8 stripped.......a "Scraped 8" Well at least what it would look like without paint and polished up.I was thinkin of stripping mine and doing this so I asked my brother to do this with a foto first so I could see what it was like.I'm glad I didn't do it........
  4. smudgery

    Wheel Sizes

    I am about to ask probably the stupidest question ever,but I need to be put straight here. I need a set of wheels for some 24x3 Fatti-O's I picked up second hand,so what size are the wheels for these tyres? 20 inch or 24 inch?
  5. smudgery

    Home made mudguards/fenders

    Here's how I made a mudguard/fender from fibreglass. You could use another fender as a mould but thats too easy. I made my own mould from mdf and varying widths of 4mm thick plywood strips.I cut the mdf to a radius a bit smaller than the wheel with the tyre.Then laid the first 80mm wide strip of...
  6. smudgery

    Am I the first Irishman?

    Hi I'm Niall I'm Irish and live in Holland therefore I need a bicycle.I saw the electra site and liked the straight 8 straight away.I waited a year to see if I still liked it and I did so I bought one.I use it every day to take my son to school,all the kids love it.One of them asked me if it...