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  1. JGood

    Drum Brake Hub ID.

    Can anyone help me ID these drug brake hubs? A good buddy of mine gave them to me and am stoked to clean them up and put them on a custom build of mine. I was just curious if anyone had and information on make, model, value, etc. I don't see any markings on them except for on the free...
  2. JGood

    1st Tall Bike.

    A friend of mine wanted a tall bike to ride around MIA with the TB4L crew so this is what I came up with. Normally I build long and low so this was an interesting change. The seat is 52" high, Stem is 58" and grips are 72". Bike is just under 7' long and the rack is 24" long so plenty of room...
  3. JGood

    Been a while! Hello!

    Hello, Been a while since I have been on this page and remembered how much I enjoyed it. Learned a lot from you guys. Here are a few of the builds I have done recently. Hope you enjoy!
  4. JGood

    Build #3

    Here is my third frame. Built a Jig finally. Wow, does it help keep things straight. Very happy. Jig now has cones for head tube and bottom bracket. Also made rear adjustable mounts for 20", 24", 26" and 29" tire sizes so it hold drop outs ar correct heights. For the test rides. I am...
  5. JGood

    Mad Max Fatty Stretch

    My 4th home built frame. Just over 9 ft long. 4x26 knobby tires front and back. Miller Lite Keg Tap handle shifter knob. 4x26 with 3.5 boa-g stretched and 29 skinny front. Do you think its too wide?
  6. JGood

    Monthly Ride in S FL

    If anyone is near S FL. This is a monthly ride we do. Lots of fun. Mostly just cruise, drink a beer or two and talk bikes. This one will be the 100th ride. Would be great to have a big turn out for it.
  7. JGood

    My First Frame!!

    This is my first frame that I welded. It started out as a Huffy Cranbrook. I cut the rear triangle and Head tube off and used them for simplicity. I welded the 'body' of the bike. Still needs a little tweaking (move crank forward, new forks and some work on the bars) but I was SUPER STOKED...
  8. JGood

    "Moon" Discs

    Here are a set of moon discs I made for a bike. The rear is SS and the front is Aluminum Treadplate. The tread plate ones came out amazing. I also have some mirror finish SS I am thinking about making another set with. Full Mirror wheels... Think about it... lol. Also its a "fixie since the...
  9. JGood


    Here is one of my recent builds. Started as a Micargi Rover GT. Added the bars and some cream Boa-G. Started when I got the SUPER rusty spoked wheels. The spokes are solid rust (can never be trued, lol). The rim I aluminum so no rust. I stripped the bike and let it sit out in the S FL rain...
  10. JGood

    Homemade Fat Tire Whitewalls

    Looks like I will be finishing the front and doing both rear tires next, lol.
  11. JGood

    Low rider Fat tire trike.

    This is the latest version of my fat tire low trike. 29" rim in front and 26 in back. Will be all 29 soon.
  12. JGood

    New headlight built from leftovers

    This is a headlight I built for my bike from a $3 Walmart 6v LED flashlight, a diced tomato can, and the lamp off an old reptile lamp. It is powered by the 6v rechargeable battery from my sons old electric 4 wheeler. I ran the wires through the frame back to the 50 cal ammo can saddle bags...
  13. JGood

    Rear axle diameter and thread

    I was looking to make a new rear axle for a bike. Does anyone know the standard diameter and thread pitch for a rear axle with coaster brake? I know its metric because it is a newer single speed rear axle of a import (Asia) bike. I am looking to replace axle with a piece of threaded rod...
  14. JGood

    4 year old son's Bad ... Trike

    This is my 4 year olds new trike. He complained that no one looked at his bike when he rode with me so I had to build him something cool. So here it First frame, a little big for him with the 20" front wheel... So we swithced to a 16" frame and went from there. Then some Mini Apes...
  15. JGood

    Springer fork Spring

    Anyone know of a source for a new spring for a springer fork? I have had no luck on google. Thanks in advance. For this type of springer...
  16. JGood

    Need guesses on value

    Looking to buy this from a friend. It's a Dyno frame on cheap Springer fork and random trike rearend. Just trying to get am idea of what to offer him.
  17. JGood

    Fat Tire Springer Fork Trike

    Here is one of my latest creations. Built from left over parts from other bikes and builds. I am most proud of the Fat Tire Springer fork on the front, one of a kind as far as I know, lol. Now I just need longer handle bars and seat back on the seat to finish the build and then I can do a...
  18. JGood

    Looking for a fork

    Ok, I have a frame that has a 1-1/8" threaded bent lowrider fork in it. I want to switch to a 1-1/8" threaded triple tree fork (long as possible) but am having no luck finding one. Could someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!!
  19. JGood

    Rasta Bike

    Here is one I did for a friend of mine. Its an old Caloi and he wanted a Rasta color theme for it. Here it is with my 1946 CWC Roadmaster out doing a little bar hopping by the beach here in Deerfield Beach, FL. Just thought I would share.
  20. JGood

    Bent Seat posts

    Ok, so I will admit suck at using the search feature. I have tried with no luck to search and can't find what I am looking for. I remember seeing on here someone who makes and sells custom bent size seatpost. Maybe one of the smarter members can help me out with this? Sorry and thank...