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  1. Zumo

    1982 Mongoose Resto

    Just wanted to share my 82 Mongoose project. My aunt found this at an old house she bought to flip. Here is what I started with. I pretty much kept all the original parts that were on the bike when I got it. The cranks were bent so I had to find replacements. The stem also appears to be a...
  2. Zumo

    DeadStock Roller - 60's Hawthorn Build

    Started this last month but just now getting to post up some pictures. This is what I started with. I didn't take the time to properly identify so any help will be much appreciated. Test fitting the springer fork: Here are the wheels and tires going on it. The bike is powder coated flat...
  3. Zumo

    Another Motomag.....

    ******UPDATE********** This bike is a 1982 Mongoose Pro Class. ************************ Just scored what looks like an early 80's Motomag. I have not physically seen it or put my hands on it but I at least have these photos. I wanted...
  4. Zumo

    "Pit Cruiser" 1960's AMF Skyrider

    Building this for a guy to ride in the pits at his son's cart racing events. We are going with a black frame with green, red and chrome accents with black wheels with green spokes and white wall tires. The frame will be powder coated black along with the chain guard and rear fender. Test...
  5. Zumo

    1970s Raleigh 3 speed "Pub Hopper"

    My brother picked this up after we spotted it on CL with another almost just like it for $40. The other bike is complete but in a few pieces and has a lot more rust. This one came with the handle bars off and a modern road bike style neck on it. I removed that and put on a BMX style stem with...
  6. Zumo

    1950's Monarch Cycle Truck conversion

    Not sure how this is going to turn out but I wanted to give it a try. Here is the frame I am starting with: Here is my first mock up after some initial cuts. I still need to cut out the center bar on the frame.
  7. Zumo

    Show off your BMX Moto Style Bikes

    I think you'll recognize some of Ratrod's babies in this pic.
  8. Zumo

    "Tweed Run" Waxahachie, TX (S. of Dallas,TX about 30 miles)

    I was planning on going to this event but alas my son's select baseball season is starting and we have a tournament in McKinney this weekend. I am trying to sell a bike on CL and was contact via CL and invited to this event. Here is the filer:
  9. Zumo

    Made my 1st custom head badge

    I now many of these have been posted before but it's pretty cool to do and thought I would share. Here are some photos of the acid etched badge. Heat transferred to tin, should have used aluminum. Etching in acid mixture: After some trimming, painting and light sanding. Finished badge...
  10. Zumo

    ★★★ 1974 Schwinn VHR ★★★

    "VHR" Varsity Hot Rod
  11. Zumo

    26" AMF Skyrider

    Found at a flea market for $10. The guy had also just sold the front wheel off of it. >:(
  12. Zumo

    "Fairy Cycle"

    Going to try a restore on this one. From the mid 1920's
  13. Zumo

    Lines Bros Tri-Ang "Fairy Cycle"

    So far I have been able to determine that this bike is from London made around the mid 1920's. Tri-Ang was a toy manufacture that made all sorts of toys not just bikes. There is no serial number on the bike that I can fine. I would love to restore this bike but the wheels are solid...
  14. Zumo


    At first I thought it was a Stingray but the more I compare it to actual Stingrays the more skeptical I am. The gooseneck and forks don;t look authentic.
  15. Zumo

    Totaly Rad Girls Stingray

    Here is a build I am working on for my daughter. You can actually get a similar bike new from Schwinn for $100 bucks but where the fun in that? The frame is a mid 70's Girl's Stingray I found on ebay for like $20 shipped and the forks are coming from a Fastback also ebay $30. The crank is also...
  16. Zumo

    70's KIA KMX project.

    My plan for this bike is for it to be black and gold. Black from with gold wheels and fenders. Some of the other parts will be gold but I will figure that out as I go along. This is what I started with. This is what they looked like originally: Here is where I am at now: Sorry for the...
  17. Zumo

    Where is a good place to get bike tools?

    Like Cone wrenches or rear hub removal tools? Chain whips, I think they're called?
  18. Zumo

    Axel lenght question - going from multe speed to single

    I am building up a bike that was multi-speed before and am now wanting to make it a single speed. I was test fitting a rear wheel from a junk cruiser I have and the axle is too short to get the nuts on. How do i measure for that and what do I look for on a new rim when I go to buy one? What is...
  19. Zumo

    1974 Schwinn Varsity Single Speed Hot Rod

    I think I am done. I still want to get some gold pedals and lights but other than that I think it's done. I am still new to the forum and am still going through all the threads. I stumbled upon herr_rudolf's Single Speed build-off thread and fell in love with what he did. Here is a photo...
  20. Zumo

    Where can I get cstom metal tags made......

    This is my design I came up with: I read over on the HAMB how I can make them out of brass myself but just want to know if anyone knows a place I can get these produced.