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  2. Zumo

    1982 Mongoose Resto

    The original fork was bent and seen here in the photo. So after looking at old photos of this era race bike I tried to find one similar in size and length. Actually it was a pretty long fork, long enought to fit a 26" wheel. So I got a fork from a 70's AMF 26" beach cruiser 26" fork from AMF...
  3. Zumo

    1982 Mongoose Resto

    Just wanted to share my 82 Mongoose project. My aunt found this at an old house she bought to flip. Here is what I started with. I pretty much kept all the original parts that were on the bike when I got it. The cranks were bent so I had to find replacements. The stem also appears to be a...
  4. Zumo

    70's KIA KMX project.

  5. Zumo

    70's KIA KMX project.

    Well now it's blue and black. I am working on the chainguard now. I have got it blasted and will powder coat it flat black and I am recreating the graphics on it in vinyl. I also created a vintage looking decal that I stuck on the back of the number plate.
  6. Zumo

    Flying blue prism

    So fly.
  7. Zumo

    70's KIA KMX project.

    Color change almost complete.
  8. Zumo

    70's KIA KMX project.

    The wheels are now powder coated black.
  9. Zumo

    70's KIA KMX project.

    Bringing this one from the dead. I have tore it down for w new color combo. Stay tuned.
  10. Zumo

    DeadStock Roller - 60's Hawthorn Build

  11. Zumo

    DeadStock Roller - 60's Hawthorn Build

  12. Zumo

    DeadStock Roller - 60's Hawthorn Build

    Got a little more done last night: Added some custom graphics too:
  13. Zumo

    Firestone Muscle

    "No Money Down!" I like it. Here's pic of another Stinray clone the AMF Renenegade also sold as a Western Flyer at Sears I believe.
  14. Zumo

    DeadStock Roller - 60's Hawthorn Build

    Started this last month but just now getting to post up some pictures. This is what I started with. I didn't take the time to properly identify so any help will be much appreciated. Test fitting the springer fork: Here are the wheels and tires going on it. The bike is powder coated flat...
  15. Zumo

    Home Powder coat Trial

    Very cool way to adapt and conquer. I powder in a wall oven I found on craigslist that I have setting on a tv stand. Works great but I can't do frames.
  16. Zumo

    Powder Coat Question

    I powdercoat at home in my garage. I have had luck with using body filler in deep scratches on parts I powder. I used 3M brand body filler in a tube from Walmart. For extreme cases like yours you could try Lab Metal to fill in and sand smooth. That would give more metal to"electrify for the...
  17. Zumo

    Schwinn BMX bike

    Sweet looking bike.
  18. Zumo

    70's Ashtabula BMX

    Very nice!
  19. Zumo

    Another Motomag.....

    Ok looks like the bike is a 1982 Pro Class not a Motomag. Sorry and am a little new at identifying these things. It also appears the Tuffs may have been swapped out for these older ones. This bike had the option to be bought with Tuff II's , Motomags, pro Class wheels or Heavy Duty wire wheels...