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  1. sharmangasaurusrex

    1932? CCM Doublebar (pic heavy)

    So I got the kickstand cleaned up......I know that's not much progress, but it looks almost new.
  2. sharmangasaurusrex

    1932? CCM Doublebar (pic heavy)

    Since nobody has posted what it's worth, I gotta assume that it's not worth much at all, so I am going to rat it out, which was how I was leaning anyways. Will with post a finished pic, or perhaps start a build thread for the first time (outside of a BO).
  3. sharmangasaurusrex

    1932? CCM Doublebar (pic heavy)

    I just handed my seat off to my uncle. He's in the middle of a move right now, so I will either get it back within the month, or not until September. When I do get it back I will definitely post pics.
  4. sharmangasaurusrex

    1932? CCM Doublebar (pic heavy)

    Will definitely scratch some paint off the rims and see what's underneath, just gotta wait for some better weather as it's been awful here for sure. I kinda like the thinner tires though, because as a single speed, I feel I might get a little more speed out of it.
  5. sharmangasaurusrex

    1932? CCM Doublebar (pic heavy)

    I was at an auction the other day and this bike came up for sale. The frame is pretty crusty, and all the images I could find of this style of bike had truss rods (which mine doesn't). I was surprised to find that everything moves and spins freely despite the crud and rust that is pretty...
  6. sharmangasaurusrex

    Schwinn Drop Out - Drag Style Bob Job (now with video)

    That is one beautiful ride. Lines, colour, stance, Sent from my XT1563 using Tapatalk
  7. sharmangasaurusrex

    COLSON LOOP TAIL BIKE 1940s? frame guard ect no wheels if shipped.

    Love that frame style as it's the same one I used for my B.O.B. Autumnic Dog.
  8. sharmangasaurusrex

    MT The Fox BMX

    looks like you may be correct. I will probably have to see it in person to gauge how bad it is.
  9. sharmangasaurusrex

    MT The Fox BMX

    This looks to be a 1984 Ming Tien bike with mismatching wheels but I'm not too sure if it's collectible or not. In this area, getting a old school bmx of any brand, in any condition, for $120 is a good deal, but I thought I'd throw it out to the BMX guys to school me on a potential purchase...
  10. sharmangasaurusrex

    Bunch-O-Random Recent Finds

    Wow! Those pedals and stems are beautiful.........and those bikes are cherry.
  11. sharmangasaurusrex

    1939 Westfield Camelback

    That's a sweet and simple/classic look.
  12. sharmangasaurusrex

    Elgin Robin

    She's a real beauty!
  13. sharmangasaurusrex

    Keep it or sell it?

    That's a great looking build, but there is something that you want to get, and sometimes you have to give up something to get what you want. Realistically this is probably the best forum for you to find a buyer as everyone knows how beautiful your builds are and who doesn't want a 26"...
  14. sharmangasaurusrex

    Iverson Yellowbird...a Holy Grail!

    I think that the only time I have ever seen one was online on the Musclebike Museum website. Those things are crazy cool. Have fun with your ridiculously rare ride.
  15. sharmangasaurusrex

    "Deko Disc" these are great for your custom build

    Those are beautiful!
  16. sharmangasaurusrex

    Vista Banana finally done!!

    The seat dyed fantastically. Great job on the banana!
  17. sharmangasaurusrex

    Cycle truck find

    Maybe I haven't seen a lot of cycletrucks, but I don't ever remember seeing one with an arched bar under the top tube. Makes for interesting geometry in the frame design. Congrats on the score. Sent from my XT1563 using Tapatalk
  18. sharmangasaurusrex

    Check out my Latest Purchase....

    will take some pics and PM them to you tomorrow.
  19. sharmangasaurusrex

    Check out my Latest Purchase....

    I bought a 3 speed version of the Sears Screamer a few years back and have used a few parts and sold a few as well. I do have the correct guard but it is not perfect as it has a large (1x1/4") scratch on it from where the pedal seems to have scraped it, the decals/paint are missing/faded, and...
  20. sharmangasaurusrex

    One last find for 2015...

    Darn, that is sweet!